May 28, 2018


Junin, Argentina


Elder Barrientos

My low key day ;)

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Date: Mon, May 28, 2018 at 9:53 AM
Subject: My low key day ;)

28 May 2018



Hey Fam, 


How are y'all?  This week, I'm feeling on the color
scale to be a deep yellow, so that's not too bad!  I'm going for some good


This week was awesome!  They threw a major curve ball
into the other Junin area, so they had to go to Solidacio and travel a ton.
They only got to work in our area for two days.  We were kind of left here
alone and it was quite lonely. 


While they were gone we had a lesson with an investigator
outside and there were a bunch of kids on the other side of the street who
wanted us to go over and do a magic trick with them.  I went over and
since I only knew one magic trick (Elder Fernandez taught me) I did it.  I
pulled up a coin and told them it was going to go through my head and come out
of my neck.  Then I just leave the coin there and then I hit my forehead
and it looks like it disappeared and then I pick it off of my neck.  It's
stupid!  It looks like it goes through my head.  I did it for the
first time with all of these kids and they were all like so amazed!  Then
one of their friends came up and they wanted me to do it again.  Then one
of the "dang" little kids gets behind me and stands there.  He
watches me do the trick and then he yells "liar, liar, you guys are men of
God, you can't lie."  He saw everything.  Darn kid!  They
all accepted baptismal dates and we're going to baptize them all anyway. 
Ha, ha!  


Right after that we had to go to Bragado, which is kind of a
weird, but cool place.  Elder Nash is there right now and he's super
cool!  We had to go there to get our interviews and at the same time we
had to travel a ton, so they did a mini-zone conference and open house for the
church.  Pretty much everyone was getting their interviews and we're just
contacting people and grabbing them from the street to look at the
church.  It was actually really good!  The people of Bragado were
super, super, super receptive!  It was fantastic!  If we had done
that in Junin, it would not have been the same.  


Elder Jones, do you want to tell them about how my birthday
went?  Elder Jones said "Uhmmm, the birthday of Elder Affleck was
brilliant.  I guess it fell on the same day as a major holiday in
Argentina--the 25th of May.  That was pretty cool.  We threw a big
fiesta and we all made it look like we were throwing it for the Argentine
holiday, but Elder Affleck didn't know it was all for him for his
birthday!  It was pretty cool and we had a good time playing some
soccer.  It was all good!  We tried our best to play, but we didn't
play very well.  We were all eating and we brought out some nice surprise
pies with volcano candles.  It's like a firework candle.  We
surprised Elder Affleck.  It was a happy time!  Lots of smiling and
laughs, it was really good."  


Ben said "It was pretty fun!"  Everybody back
home knows that I don't like birthdays, but it was fun. 


Today, Elder Jones.  We'll start at the church. 
Elder Jones was going to give a talk today at church.  He did an excellent
job, it was fantastic!  Elder Jones said "thank you."  Ben
continued, the only thing he did was mess up one word.  That's probably
normal if you are a foreigner from the U.S., but yeah, that's not a big
deal.  But, no, the entire congregation decided to yell at him, what the
right word was.  He said "oh, okay" and just kept going with his
talk and after that he was a little miffed.  Then the next guy gets up to
give his talk and he says "It's okay Elder Jones, we're all learning
Spanish--with one accent you can change an entire word like copito and popita
(which means pulpit and octopus.)  Everybody is like, what the
heck...  Why would he say that?  (Laughter) It's just super
weird.  He just kind of roasted Elder Jones for about five minutes. 
(Laughter) Then, later that day my companion and I hear from Elder Jones that
Elder Cunia fell asleep early tonight and he counted crowns(?) in his sleep, so
sorry!  (Snoring in the background.) 


Anyway, then later, my comp and I hear from Elder Jones that
his bike is completely broken down.  So, I can tell he's probably going to
be a little bit more angry than he was at church, because the entire
congregation corrected him very forcefully and the brother in church roasted
him.  Then his bike broke down, so now he's walking.  So, yeah, he's
a little bit ticked at this point and then we went to grupo and everything was
actually really good today.  We had like sixteen people in attendance and
that is really like a high number.  There were more people there than
there was at the actual chapel. 


After that,  we were surprised with the visit that came
from an eternal investigator.  She wasn't going anywhere and she wasn't
willing to change.  She was being a total jerk to Elder Jones.  I
don't know why, Elder Jones is so nice!  We were with Augustin our ward
mission leader and he brought up what happened in church that morning and they
all started talking about it and laughing about it and it made Elder Jones a
little bit "ticked."  Elder Jones said "okay, I can
pray" and then we left.  She wasn't being nice to him at

Elder Jones was a little bit mad, but now he's a little bit
scared the branch is going to hate him, because he didn't want to spend any
more time in that lady's house.  I don't think it was a big deal, because
she was being rude to him and we needed to go anyway.


On a bright note, today we had lunch with a recent
convert--she's so capo, cool, and a stud!  That sounds weird talking about
a girl as a stud.  Today, we started telling jokes and it was really
funny!  Elder Jones would like to end the recording with his favorite joke
if that's okay.


Elder Jones:  I had a dog and he always chased people
on a bike, but it got so bad that we had to take his bike away. 
(Laughter)  I'm sorry you had to listen to that, but it's my favorite


Well, we love you guys!  Good luck to my fam.  I
hope you guys do well in your lives.  I pray that you can always
learn.  I pray that Elder Cunia's fingers can get better.  I pray
that my companion can lose his Argentine pride and that Elder Jones can stop
being a redhead and that I can stop being such an idiot.  I love you
all!  You're the best!


Ciao, Ciao!

It was a fun birthday, thanks for all you all!! I really appreciate the birthday wishes, youre all capos!!

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