May 21, 2018


Junin, Argentina


Elder Barrientos

Hey y'all!!!

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21 May 2018

Recording and written


normal week, we’re planning a party in the church for the 25th, president asked
the whole mission to do it for the independence day of Argentina or something
like that. I just know it’s a patriotic holiday, and everyone here thinks its
indepence day, but I thought that was 9 of July. jajaja

The recording is
pretty short, but I hope you enjoy it, haha!  Elder Acuña has fantastic english 


Stay tuned for photos,

Elder Affleck




Hey you guys! This was a fun week, it was really
simple.  I don't have a lot of time to record, so I'll just tell you very
quickly what happened.


I had divisions with Elder Acuna.  He's insane and I
really love him.  Elder Acuna say hi to my family.  Elder Acuna said
"Hello family.  I love you and I really love your son very
much.  He's a good leader of district and today he do, I make a tajer (Ben
asked him to do a workshop for district meeting) of the district."  Then
Ben asked Elder Barillo, his companion, to say hello to his family.  Elder
Barillo said "Hello my friends."  Ben said "my companion
knows a lot of Spanish. (Laughter)"  Yeah!  


I had divisions with Elder Acuna and that was fun, we got
the work done.  Also, I had divisions with Elder Jones and we got a lot of
work done.  Then we got to change the time for our group, so in Junin we
have two meetings because it is so big.  We have two (what's the
word?)  locations.  Yes, we have two locations--we have the normal capisha
(chapel) which is like a good church and we also have a thing called group,
which is in a member's garage.  We were able to change the time from now
on.  Our branch president wanted us to change the time so that people
could be there to support the group from the normal church.  We changed it
to 5:00 p.m.  It's kind of weird, but it's really cool.  Because
there's nobody there-no counselors or bishopric or anything, so I had to
preside at the meetings.  That was weird.  Yeah.  It's weird. 
I feel like a bishop now.  Just kidding!  ;)  It's weird having
to run things.  It wasn't a big group, it was like twelve or thirteen
people.  Just being at the front was bizarre.  


Two of our investigators, Florenzia and Fredrico, (I think I
sent a photo home of them a while ago) they're just a really cool couple with
two kids.  Their names would be Florence and Fredrick, but their Arg names
are way cooler in Spanish.  They're getting married.  In Argentina
you have to wait a month to get married, so they're taking out a
"torno."  It means that you put your name in and a month later
they marry you.  So, they're taking that out.  


By the way, we got vests from the mission, so when it's dark
and night time and we're on the bikes, we have to wear these protective neon,
reflective vests.  "Oh yeah, that's awesome!" a Spanish Elder
yelled.  Then he said "That's the vest new of my life!" 
(Laughter)  They're awesome, I love them.  Anyway, it's a lot of fun
and now we have a lot of pictures with us in them!  That is


We also had a Family Home Evening with the familia
Aronda.  It was really great, we played Tutti Fruitti with them and we
shared a lesson.  Their family just talks a ton!  It was getting late
and we were trying to get out of there, all four of us, so that we could get
home and not be late.  They just kept talking and talking and
talking.  We kept telling them we had to go, but they just went on and
on.  Finally, Elder Jones butts in and says "I can pray, excuse me,
and then he started to pray."  It was a great way to end the lesson. 
(Laughter)  We were going to be late, so he had to be a little rude. 
It was quite funny!  We all busted up laughing.  


I think that's it for the week.  It's kind of sad that
that was one of the highlights of the week, but that's the missionary work. 
It's a lot of the same stuff, hoping for cool stuff!  Like my Dad says
"Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different
outcomes."  So we have to do different things so that we have
baptisms. We love it!  Anyway, I love you guys.  You are all cool!


Ciao, Ciao!

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