May 7, 2018


Junin, Argentina


Elder Barrientos

New Companion and New Area--Junin

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From: Benjamin Layton Affleck <>
Date: Mon, May 7, 2018 at 1:04 PM

7 May 2018 Recording


All right!  Greetings for family and friends of Elder
Affleck.  This is Elder Jones--one of the elders Elder Affleck lives with
right now.  Yeah, we had a great week!  We had just a great week full
of tons of fun stuff!  Me and Elder Affleck were actually in the CCM
together, that was pretty cool!  It was a good time getting Elder Affleck
moved in and it was just a great week--lots of good stuff.  He had to take
a five hour bus ride to get out here, because we are actually at the furthest
point in the mission--Junin.  We actually did a lot of stuff, but it's
hard to remember everything.  We had a really cool activity. 
Actually, first off I'd like to explain that we're here with Elder Barrientos
and he is from Mendosa, Argentina.  We also have Elder Cunia from Spain
and he's my comp.  We're having a great time!  I already have
transferred here and so has Elder Cunia.  Elder Affleck is finishing the
training of Elder Barrientos. 


 We had a nice activity at the church, as I said
earlier.  It's hard to get good activities going to help strengthen the
branch and bring youth back to church.  My favorite thing was the football
match we had.  It was just fun to sit back and enjoy the Argentine culture
a bit.  Our ward mission leader, Augusteen, was really into the game and
they get pretty aggressive.  We were laid back and chill, but the
Argentines go really hard.  They really want to win!  They really
want to win!  One of the guys named Juan, a really relaxed laid-back guy
was dribbling up and Augusteen felt it was necessary to say "Kill 'em
Johnny, kill 'em Johnny!" in Spanish, of course.  Elder Affleck and I
had a good time laughing about that.  We ate some food afterwards and we
actually had a pretty good turnout!  More than this Sunday at church, yup,
more than this Sunday.  It was pretty good!  Also, Elder Barrientos
is a very good chef!  We had a very good asado.  It was fantastic
thanks to him!

Just amazing...  Also, what was fun, we had to go pick
up a grill at a member's family.  We didn't know it was going to be so
big.  We got there and it was a big hunk of metal basically.  Elder
Affleck carried it all of the way home on a bike--like 40 blocks away. 
(Laughter in the background.)  Ben said "stupid bike.  Just a
big hunk of metal.  Imagine your grills at home, but just the top. 
It's a hunk of metal that's a lot heavier and thicker and bigger, and that's
what I took home on my bike."  Elder Jones continued: "We had a
delicious asado--Argentine barbecue.  Elder Barrientos did pretty much
everything and we got to enjoy it!  It was great!"


Ben said:  "Oh, I forgot to tell them that I got
really sick this week.  I had one night that I was up a lot. 
Uhmmm...  I was vomitando.  I was taking a lot of trips to the
bathroom.  No bladder problems.  I just got sick to my stomach and I
was throwing up all night.  After that my throat hurt super bad and it has
been just stupid and I haven't been able to eat anything and mama I've probably
dropped like 10 pounds.  So, I haven't been able to eat much this last
week.  He made this fantastic asado and I was only able to eat a little
bit because it hurt so bad.  It was a very bad time."  


Elder Cunia is really skilled at English, but a couple of
things he can't say.  You can't say "wow, it's really hot in
here!"  They say "Tango sweno" which translates directly to
"I have dream."  Elder Cunia comes up to us Monday and said
"I have dream."  We understood, but it was still


Elder Jones said "Just to explain our living situation
really quickly.  We live in a really nice apartment, actually.  Junin
is really, really nice.  I'm very happy with it.  It's a lot nicer
than Los Pinos.  Our apartment is pretty tiny.  What happened in the
past was that there were two hermanas and two elders here.  The hermanas
left about three transfers ago and two elders came in to replace them, so all
they've been doing is putting four elders in the hermana's apartment. 
It's super nice.  There's not too much room, so what we tried to do was make
it more comfortable and have a place to put our stuff.  In the other
apartment was a big wooden table.  I came up with the great idea to move
it here--seven blocks away. (Laughter in the background).  Elder Affleck
and I took a moment out of our day to get the table here.  It is a very
large table."  Ben said "Elder Jones and I were walking through
the city and everybody looks at us and we look super weird because Elder Jones
has orange hair and they say I'm blonde.  They all think we're weirdos. 
They see two weirdos dressed in white shirts and ties with weird hair and white
skin carrying a fat table through the center of the city.  It was pretty
strange looking and we definitely had a good time with everybody staring at
us."  Elder Jones went on "we got it out of the apartment just
fine, but we spent a good thirty minutes trying to get it into ours.  We
ended up taking the metal bars off of our window and the door trying to get it
in and we took the table through the window--just a very interesting
time.  All of the windows in Argentina have bars on them.  Every
single window, otherwise they get robbed.  That is just a fun fact for


Also, Elder Affleck and I had a great road trip off to a
place called Gregado and we were in a really nice bus--actually it was a terrible
bus.  We took a nice trip there for about an hour and a half.  The
guy sitting next to me took a seat and a half and we were squished between the
seats.  We met with the Elders there.  We had to get a credit card
for one of the Elders here.  It was a good time and a good road


Elder Jones continued: Right now it's actually Sunday
night.  We had the greatest sacrament meeting ever!  It was
amazing!  We have what's called a grupo, which is a church meeting inside
of a garage of a member for people who live far away.  Elder Cunia and I
were going to go and start it up, but it was raining super bad!  It was a
huge rain storm and church was delayed some, but we went to grupo and no one
was there so we quickly turned around and went off to the church.  We got
there about fifteen minutes late and luckily they hadn't started yet.  We
got a nice welcome there and when I walked in I saw Elder Affleck and Elder
Barrientos, one of our investigators and two of the members.  So, in
total, there were two members that weren't missionaries and one investigator--
our one friend of the church.  I actually was able to pass the sacrament
and I think I took six steps total and it was amazing!  Also, Elder
Affleck showed us his great piano skills.  We had a closing hymn and...actually
Elder Affleck can explain it better than I can.  Ben said "so, I told
them before I played, I only know one hymn.  I know one hymn and it’s the
only one I can play.  Johnny, the same guy that was playing soccer with us
before, he said okay, yeah, that's fine.  I was about to get up to do the
closing hymn and Elder Cunia said we couldn't do that hymn as it was really fea
(ugly).  He said there was absolutely no way that I could play that
song-no,no,no.  I said "okay, what hymn?” and he gave me this song
that I don't even know what it is.  So I got up and started playing just
the right hand sight-reading and it was sooo bad!  I didn't even know what
the hymn was!  It was soooo bad!  After we finished singing the first
verse, I just stopped and I walked right to my seat.  Johnny says
"alright, we'll sing the rest acapella."  (laughter) Elder Jones
explained, "The best part was that Elder Affleck started cracking up while
he was playing.  It was great! (laughter)  It was a richly fulfilling
experience for us.  It was awesome!  Luckily, the investigator still
wants to get baptized.  We're really glad about that." 


Yeah, this is just a quick run-down of the best things that
happened this week.  We're loving Junin and having a good time here. 
It's great!  It's great!  Yeah, I guess that's it.  


If you want, now you can hear a word from my companion in
Spanish and we'll translate it for you guys.  Que Quiero?  He said
"I have been with Elder Affleck for six days and he is my father (papi). 
He is a great trainer. (Ben said "lies, but I'm trying.")  He is
teaching me English (you very fat ant.) 



Sorry, I accidentally cut off the recording.  My
bad.  Anyway, so I'm trying to teach my comp the English language, because
it is the language of the restoration and the greatest language in the world
and I love it!  He's very smart and can learn very fast.  We also
have a few ants in the pench, even though it's the nicest pench I've been in so
far.  We have a few ants and we taught him, "you fat ant." 
He still says it hilarious with a sing song "YOU FAT ANT." 
(laughter) It's so funny!  To end Elder Abrams ended with his testimony in
Spanish as did Ben. 



Ciao! Ciao!


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