April 16, 2018


Los Pinos, Argentina


Elder Moses Hansen

And the Bautismo

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16 April 2018



Hey guys, what's up?  I don't know what to say.  It's
going to be a really short recording.  (background--Hello FamJam!) 
On P-day we went to Moron and we saw some airplanes and it was
interesting!  We were with some other elders.  Afterwards, we went to
the plaza of San Justo and we bought a ton of hippy stuff--incense and a bunch
of like lattes.  It's so fun, it's so fun!  We said hippy, but it's
fun.  Ha,ha,ha!  


We were waiting for the bus one day and this lady came up to us
and asked where we were from?  She asked "Ukraine, Russia, Germany,
where are you from?"  We told her we were from the United
States.  She then said  "Can I ask you a favor?"  We
said, "What?" and she asked if she could have a lock of our
hair.  My companion wasn't really paying attention, so I said,"yes,
you can have a lock of my companion's hair. Go for it!"  She's like
"no, no, no, I need a lock of hair from both of you so that I can make
clones of you guys."  She said she wanted to make clones of us from
our hair.  She said "I want to make pretty boys just like you
two."  We said "We've got to go!"  Then she just kind
of left us alone after that.  It was really weird!  


Then we had a baptism on Saturday.  We finally got Camila
baptized and it was probably the best baptism I've had on my mission, because
we just had a small baptismal service since she's scared of a lot of
people.  It was with her family and a couple of other families in the ward
and it was a lot nicer small.  It's so crazy when it's a bunch of people
and it's a huge hassle!  So, it was really nice having a small baptismal
service.  Her older brother baptized her, so it was great to watch!  


This week it was Elder Linko's birthday, too!  We
celebrated so hard it was fun!  We made him a cake and we bought him some
presents.  He was so happy!  It was so fun!  


Well, that's it!  I love you guys!  Hopefully, we have
a good week this week and we can find some more baptisms.  I hope you're
all doing great.  I'm out of things to say.  I love you! 



Camila finally got baptized!! This is the same little girl that
always refused to get baptized cause she was scared of a bunch of stuff and
never wanted to, but Elder Fenn and I started teaching her while playing jenga
so that she would listen and not run away, and she finally arrived to baptism
this week!!



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