April 2, 2018


Los Pinos, Argentina


Elder Moses Hansen

Cinnamon Rolls and General Conference

Subject: April 2, 2018 Mission Letter from Ben

2 April 2018

Recording and written


What's up fam jam?  We're in Colectu (?) right now so I
really hope there's not as much noise as there was last time.  Last time
we were on the street of Ramos and that was really bad.  I actually
remembered the recording this week, kind of.  We were on our way to the
servir again, but it was really fun.  We had a really fun week!  We
went to Ramos on P-day and went to a place called the waffle house,
literally.  All of the weird words here are in English.  So, we went
there and it was so good!  Oh my goodness!  They have like savory
waffles where it is like a hamburger made with waffles and sweet waffles with
strawberry, nutella, whipped cream and oreo and dulce de leche and all of this
stuff.  We went crazy there!  It was so fun and good!  Elder
Linco dropped like 500 pesos there.  Something like that!  It was a


Then we had divisions on Friday with Elder Hanks.  It was
awesome!  Before that Elder Linko got sick and he was in the pence all
day.  He was like passed out, so Elder Hanks had a bunch of appointments
that night.  We did mini-divisions and hammered out a bunch of
people.  We did divisions in the Pinos.  That was fun!  It's
really hard to find people in their homes on Easter weekend.  That was
hard.  In the middle of our divisions, we got a phone call from the office
telling us there would be a "white storm" in Ramos that day. 
So, all of the missionaries get together and we all go to Ramos to help find
some cool investigators.  We did.  Then we decided to keep doing our
divisions in Ramos, but then they divided us up again and I ended up with Elder
Butler and Elder Hansen was put with Elder Rojas.  Elder Hanks went with
Elder Talavera and Elder Linko went with Elder Ventura--who is a straight
capo.  They're all crazy!  So we had fun doing divisions in Ramos. 
We found this place that sells churros that are chocolate!  They're
chocolate covered churros filled with dulce de leche.  They are soooo
goood!!!  My goodness!  They're fantastic!  They're so rich and
just delicious!  That was amazing!  We were going to go get them this
morning since our district meeting is there, and I skipped breakfast because I
was going to eat chocolate churros, but the place was closed because it was the
day after Easter.  :(  


Also, Friday night, we went on the bus, me and my companion and
there were these guys in the back and there were two open seats next to
them.  We were like "yeah, why not!"  So, we went and sat
by them and they said "hey, what are you guys doing here?"  We
told them we're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints.  Then they said "since you're missionaries, do you want to
buy some mop handles and some cloths?"  I told them I didn't have a
lot of money with me, so I couldn't buy anything.  Then one of them said
"what about this box of band-aids? I'll let you buy two for 20
pesos."  I looked in my pocket and I only had 10 pesos.  I said
"I've only got 10, how about one box?"  He said that was fine,
so we traded the 10 pesos for a box.  Then they asked whether we go out
with girls there and they asked if we had a lot of women since we were
Mormon.  I told them we only have one wife and besides all of that we're
missionaries, so we don't go out with girls for these two years.  We don't
date.  They were shocked.  They said "what, you don't go out
with any Argentine women?"  I said yeah.  He said to just wait
as he'd get us a date.  Then he started talking to this girl who was
getting off of the bus.  He said, "Hey, this is my white cousin, he's
American and what's your name Elder?"  I told him Elder Affleck, but
he wanted my first name so I told him Benjamin.  He's like "hey, this
is my white cousin Benjamin and he's cute!  Look at his eyes.  He's
cute.  Go out on a date with him!"  The girl was like super
embarrassed as she got off of the bus.  It was super weird! Super weird,
but really funny!  We were dying laughing.  


So, I got those band-aids and the next day we made cinnamon
rolls.  I don't know.  I don't know if its just my Mom's recipe or
what.  Actually, I just think it's how you have to make cinnamon rolls. 
You have to have the hook and you have to have the mixer and we didn't have
either of those things, so I did it all by hand.  We don't have like a
fork that has like a plastic handle, so I had to use this fork with a metal
handle which was sharp on the sides, too.  I just mixed the dough and
mixed it for like 10-15 minutes and then I looked at my hand and the skin on my
finger just came right off and I was like "oh my goodness, that is
disgusting!"  Luckily for us, we had just bought those band-aids, so I
went and put on a band-aid or two or three...  It hurts a lot! 
Kidding!  I literally rubbed my hand raw trying to make some cinnamon
rolls, but they came out really good!  I did forget to use powdered sugar
instead of normal sugar, so the frosting was a little crunchy.  I also
used straight butter instead of what's that stuff called--oh, yeah,
shortening.  Shortening doesn't exist here, so my frosting was yellow and
crunchy.  Just the frosting, the cinnamon rolls were amazing!  It was
good, though.  


After the cinnamon rolls, came General Conference.  We got
to watch most of it in English, but we had to watch one session in
Spanish.  It's not hard, but its way more enjoyable in English.  It's
better.  It just way better!  I'm excited about the Salta, Argentina
temple.  That's cool!  It's no way near us, but it's still


After that, I'll just introduce you all to a couple of our
investigators. We have Javier, who watched conference at home since he
couldn't actually go.  He is the best investigator we have.  He's
super, super cool!  He has a whole family.  His wife, Jessica, used
to go to church when she was little with her family, but she never got
baptized.  They have four children and two of them we know are over eight
years old.  One is twelve or thirteen and the other is ten.  We don't
know one of them at all.  We don't know their name or age, and one of them
is Sophie and she is three.  She is super cute and super nice.  And,
then Brandon and Santiago, a thirteen and ten year-old.  They're all so
cool!  They're like the biggest delightas ever.  They're just an
awesome family and we're super excited for them--to see them progress. 
They were on vacation for a while, but now they should be getting back, so we
should be able to actually teach them.  We also had Frederico, who was
able to come to conference.  He's a super cool guy!  Super
cool!  His girlfriend is a member and she's a returned missionary and very
helpful.  He's reading the Book of Mormon every night and he's doing
amazing!  He was watching conference as well.  The hardest thing
about him is finding him home to teach, because he's working a lot.  We've
got to figure it out.  


I personally have been having a lot of back pain this last week
or two.  Elder Hanks has been helping me out.  I've just had really
bad back pain and he has been popping my back and helping me fix my back. 
The other night, was the first time I have ever wet my pillow at night with
tears.  It was a crazy night.  I was doing my nightly prayers and my
back hurt, all of the stuff that was happening with investigators--getting them
to baptism, etc.  I know it's a lot harder in other places.  I've got
my buds out in Germany, Canada, Faulkier (?), but no matter what it's really
hard to get people to baptism. The church is true.  I love you guys! 
I know that God can help us with our burdens.  I love you guys!  (By
the way, this music is not being played by me.  This is in the
Servir.  The servir is a terrible place, but I love it.  They play
terrible music, so whatever...)  Love you guys!  I hope you have a
great week!  Bu-bye.  :)



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