March 12, 2018





my comp is a bartender

heyo everyone it's been a crazy week and a lot of funny things that i'll forget about. Also we're currently in an internet cafe and it's terrible so don't mind the mistakes and also pictures will come later.

So right off the bat this week we did some service for a funeral and we didn't much about it just one of the members asked us to move a coffin around and we're like sure that would be a great service opportunity. So our day started off with us riding in the back of a black van just chilling next to a dead body of this old moldovan guy. Also the roads are terrible here so the van was bumping around while this body is shaking back and forth. A very pleasant experience. They have this tradition here where you give out presents to everyone that comes to a funeral so we got some towels and candy and stuff so that was nice. Next we went and buried the body and then headed to a lunch that they told us to go to. So at each table there was a big bottle of vodka and we're like oh shoot the babushkas are about to get lit. So we're sitting at this table of all babushka's and they hand the vodka to my comp and tell him to open it because they can't and he's just like whattheheck and so he opens it but then they hold out all of their shot glasses and tell him to pour it in. So my comp proceeded to pour shots of vodka to babushkas at a moldovan funeral. The good thing is that they provided some orange soda for us and some good traditional moldovan food. And so we realized that next time we'll try to stay away from the babushkas so we won't have to go through an experience like that again.

To make up for this apostasy lunch we had an activity this week for National Women's day here in Moldova and we made a bunch of pizzas, crepes, fruit salad, and brownies. It ended up being really good and we were able to interact with a bunch of members so it was really sweet.

A couple random things
-I found out that here instead of using smiley faces they just use parentheses so they just do )))) to represent smiling. So this whole time I just thought everyone's phone here is whack but it turns out they're smiling at me)
-Cookies and candy rhyme with Doctine and Covenants in russian
-We found super kontiki and so now our lives are complete here

We had a lot of people at church and so we're seeing things here in Balti get better and better. I love these people so much and everyday I'm just so grateful to be serving here. I look forward to each week and to helping others come unto Christ. I love this Gospel with all of my heart and I love missionary work. Keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers. Love ya)))

-Elder Whiting (this computer is terrible so I won't switch it to russian)


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