March 9, 2020


Centerville GA


Elder Tyson Dunn

Season 14, episode 4 --When it rains it daggum POURS


unfortunately for all of us, this week was not quite as exciting as last week. so this may be shorter.

Last pday we got together as a district and got some food and did some face masks to "treat ourselves" and to relax. I guess thats what happens when most of the district is sisters haha. but the food was excellent, and ya boy even ate a fish eyeball and scales and other parts im not really sure of. 10/10 for adventurous and sketchy eating.

Tuesday we spent time with our elderly people and then explored a nearby park for things to do. We found a spot to write some inspirational messages on the sidewalk with chalk and found a place to play some ball😈

wednesday was kind of a disaster. it poured, like all day long so we stayed inside for the most part. found a leak under our sink, got some other things taken care of and ultimately were able to bike to our dinner, so thats a plus.

Thursday we had interviews with President Clayton and thats always good to see him. After that and our district council, The snellville sisters and us went to Nancys pizza, which is a chicago chain and we got ourselves a deep dish! so so nice to have a "slice" of home down in Conyers, GA.

Friday we finally got some sunshine, and were able to capitalize! we had our horse farm adventures, and then did a lot of biking in the afternoon. didnt really get to see anyone, but atleast we were able to try.

Saturday was essentially the same thing. lots of things canceled and rescheduled all in the same day, but we got some shots up at the church with bro miller in the morning before we had to leave because of a funeral. but the afternoon was filled with visits at the Roosas and the Millers where we had dinner and had the pleasure of passively seeing the USU aggies winning the Mountain west championship. Sam Merrill is a legend. good times.

and sunday was normal! Church, calls, good food, and some nice and sunny weather. not much to complain about

okay folks thats about all i got. we are getting together as a district again so we are about to head out.

I love you all, im grateful for your support and thoughts and prayers, and its crazy to think ill see most of you in about 4 and a half months!

have a great week! Stay blessed, and talk soon!

Elder Austin Smith


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