March 2, 2020


Centerville GA


Elder Tyson Dunn

Season 14, episode 3

Gooooood morning beautiful children of God!

This week was a pretty average week. We had a large variety of service opportunities, so that made for a fun time.

On Tuesday, we went to the senior center and they were having a Mardi Gras/Birthday party, so we were able to help serve Kings cake and fun colored drinks to the residents. They had a man named "Sir Rod" come in and perform and he sang some songs and danced and even had a whole Michael Jackson bit. Pretty entertaining, but I felt bad for him cause senior centers are tough crowds. Also another old lady made her move and gave me a nice smooch on the cheek without much warning. She had never as much as asked for a hug in her wheelchair, but I think she was trying to flex in front of her son who was visiting. It was tender, even though she had a mustache.

We had a district council this week, which is always a good time. It's nice to see other missionaries when you spend so long in dual isolation( new phrase I just made up, its time with just your companion and no one else).

Later that day we got a call from good ol Brother Watkins, who needed help loading up his 1999 Ford Econoline with stuff to go to Africa or something. Moral of this story is that I'm pretty much the greatest real life tetris player of all time. We fit more in that van then they could have ever imagined. Pretty strong flex, but I was proud of Elder Dunn and I's work.

At our other senior center, we went and Elder Dunn played some hymns on the Ukulele and the rest of us called out bingo. Had another king cake, and that was pretty much it for that adventure.

So Thursday evening we were fortunate enough to have Texas Roadhouse for dinner, and even more fortunate that it was paid for. As you can imagine, I ordered a rather large chunk of meat, and with a large steak, comes large responsibility. I did in fact NOT eat the whole thing at the restaurant, and I brought it home to have later. You might be wondering right now why on earth I'm telling you this. That's a fair thought, but now that I've explained where I got the steak from, I can explain why it matters.

On Friday morning, I decide that I'm going to have my leftover steak and eggs for breakfast. I had never had it, and it sounded pretty good. So I fire up the stove, grease my frying pan with bacon and start cooking my steak. Took it from medium rare to well done( big brain moment) and then cooked up some eggs and additional bacon to go with it. Folks, when I tell you that I felt like the boujiest little boy in the world, it was pretty satisfying. It felt so fancy, so proper to be eating a thicc and juicy steak for breakfast. It was so good.

Not anymore than 1 hour later, I'm standing in the back of a farmers truck shoveling manure to the back of the bed so that the tractor can put more on the tailgate and front the bed... Hows that for some contrast? Went from fancy and proud, to a humble poop scooper in less than 60 minutes. Life comes at you fast, and it humbles you on the way. It honestly wasn't even that bad, but it was funny how that morning played out.

Saturday was a lot of waiting, and a little bit of teaching. Our boys that play basketball were super late, but they eventually came and we had a good time. We had 2 of the boys give the spiritual thought, and they did such a good job. They broke down the lyrics to the primary song "I am a child of God" to their friends and it was so pure and tender. Proud older brother type of moment. Such good missionaries.

There seems to be a pattern lately, of not only elderly women hitting on me, but also severely underage girls as well. And dogs for that matter. This is by no means a flex, or something I actually heavily invest it but at our dinner on Saturday there was a like a 5 year old girl and she was just the funniest little thing. She kept her face about 4 inches from me and Elder Dunns and kept us laughing the whole time we were there. Lots of name calling and funny faces filled our evening. One can only hope that my age range closes significantly when I get home from both ends of the scale, and that girls my age act this way, whos with me?😜

All jokes aside, it is enjoyable in a way to feel others forms of Christlike love. A small tender mercy for a boy far away from home.

March snuck up all of us like a fat kid on the last slice of cake. Not necessarily quietly, but in a determined manner. Very quickly. It's crazy to think that I am down to 4 months and a hefty amount of change. Basically 5 months, but technically less.

I always feel uncomfy getting all deep and sentimental at the end of my emails, cause it seemingly comes out of nowhere, but these experiences I write about are so much more meaningful than one might think. This time period in my life is a catalyst for growth and learning, and it is sometimes sad to think that the end is near. I'll never really have a chance to serve our Lord and to serve other people like I am doing right now. It's my only focus, and I think that's something I'll miss deeply when I am home, much more than I miss college basketball and rap music right now.

Jesus Christ plays such a pivotal role in all of our lives. We don't always think to look for him in everything we do, but He's involved in all of it, and trying to help others see that is so rewarding. It's by far the hardest thing I've ever tried to do, but also the most rewarding.

We as missionaries can only hope and pray that people can see the need for a change in their lives, and let our message do the rest.

Anyway, those are just some of my thoughts today. Hopefully y'all enjoy!

Hope everyone has a safe and blessed week! Talk to y'all soon

Elder Austin Smith


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