February 24, 2020


Centerville GA


Elder Tyson Dunn

Season 14, episode 2

howdy howdy howdy do!?

This week was really rainy, which isnt the most ideal for biking, but we still had a good week.

We tried to go fishing last monday but unfortunately its a little to cold still, so we didnt have any bites. but im all geared up and ready to go for when the weather gets warmer.

On Tuesday the rain got the better of us, so we didnt make it to our senior center, or really anywhere else. Lots of text messages and trying to be positive.

Experimented with food this week, and tried my hand at bacon wrapped chicken. pretty good if you ask me, I'd feel comfortable serving it to others.

Got blood work done, and got another nice and low A1c test back. A mission is proving to be a good thing for my health, so for that I am grateful.

We had zone conference on Thursday, where we learned about working with local leaders and family history work. Family history work isnt something i claim to be proficient in, but it is fun to learn about sometimes, so that made it interesting.

Had dinner at Sister Halladays house, and found out that I know some of her family! Her Daughter and son in law and grandson are from the naperville stake! so that was super cool to put the pieces together and make a connection. the world is so small.

Had good ol exchanges with Elder Reese again on Friday, and we had a good time. We made our selves trunky(homesick, or ready to go home) by taking a few minutes to look at college things and searching future career options (all mission president approved activities). found out that type one diabetics can be pilots! so thats super cool. not sure ill capitalize, but its nice to know its an option.

Saturday was a full day. we had basketball pretty much all morning, and a few boardgames sprinkled in there for those that arent as athletically inclined. Afterwards we went to get wings with the boys that came to play ball and one of the members that came told me that after all of that he is thinking about a mission, because if you can eat wings and play ball on your mission then a mission might be for him 😂 it was so cool to hear that, i did have to explain that a mission isnt just wings and basketball, but it can certainly be part of it if it helps people find Jesus Christ.

After that, we got cleaned up and stuff and ended up at a hospital in Snellville to give a man a blessing. After we did that, we had a tender moment with a kid in the lobby who was in need of some fruitsnacks. he didnt know it, but i did and so we made some 6 year old kid really happy. he gave me a big ol grin and a thumbs up on his way out, which was enough to make my night. Right after that we were blessed with some Culvers cheese curds and a lesson with Anna which was so good, so the ending of Saturday was pretty awesome. Anna is doing well, and it was good to catch up and help her understand the scriptures. We are hoping for some major developments in the near future for her, so keep yalls fingers crossed again.

Sunday was full of district leader calls and tamales. tasty.

Its hard to believe how fast the weeks go by. i think ive been saying that for all 19 months of my mission, but it stays true.

Im grateful for the opportunities I have been given to share whats blessed my family and I so much, its been so rewarding in so many different ways.

Thats all the words i have for today, i hope yall have a less rainy week than we do and i hope to hear from you soon!

stay safe, dry, warm and as always, blessed

Elder Austin Smith


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