February 17, 2020


Centerville GA


Elder Tyson Dunn

Season 14 -- Episode 1: The actual beginning of the end

Well y'all, as usual, time isnt stopping for anyone.

I am officially an old fart. There isnt a sister missionary in the world thats been out longer than me, and so by default all of the Sisters I came out with just hopped on a plane to go home this last week. BRUTAL.

But as things go, a new transfer starts and a new companion comes in and life continues on. I have 3 more transfers after this one and that is just horrifying to me.

The new companion is Elder Dunn from Flagstaff, Arizona. "The coolest place in Arizona,' i guess it snows there or something. He's been out for about a year and has actually had as many companions as I have, so this man is used to change.

This last week was good, we tried to have a fun pday last monday but a bunch of older bowlers rented out an entire bowling alley so we couldnt use any of the lanes. so messed up.

I gained a name on my companions list in Elder Reese, he stayed with us for monday night through wednesday morning because his companion went to fayetteville to be an AP. what a good guy, a really good #12.

Ate a lot of food on Tuesday, and Elder Roberts said some goodbyes. If youre wondering about the food, it was General Tso's Chicken, then Wings(mild) and then a niiice steak dinner for Elder Roberts farewell.

Transfers was Wednesday, and when youre in Peachtree City, you stop and visit your favorite families. So we saw Sister Moye (where we did alot of fishing) and she made us biscuits and gravy, and then after I got Elder Dunn we stopped to see the Allens. lovely bunch. i even got a new 11 foot fishing pole. you may think, wow, how will he get that home? and to be completely honest, i dont know. ill take suggestions if you have any though

Story time: so on Thursday we went to our usual Senior center to help out. This week we were decorating for valentines day, and so Miss Katie had me and elder dunn wrap a bulletin board in a valentines day themed tablecloth. easy enough, right? We successfully wrap this board up, and are about to stick it back on the wall when a resident and her caretaker come strolling down the hallway. This lady is pretty cool, shes got cornrows and also a severe case of dementia, and is always dancing around to whatever music is playing. As they approach us, we give them our best missionary smile and say hi and exchange brief formalities, and then turn back to what we were working on. Right as I turned back to the wall and board the two ladies have already passed Elder Dunn and are in the process of passing me when I feel a *pat* right in the middle of my right buttcheek, for lack of a better term. This lady was making a move! I start to laugh and immediately turn to see her turning her head back to where she was walking with one of the most smug smirks I have ever seen. She was so proud of herself, and in a way i was too. Overall a very uplifting moment for everyone involved. I hope the second hand story has done that for you too

We also had a stake missionary meeting on Thursday, and that was pretty cool. ill spare all of the details, but i will tell you that I had the unique opportunity of seeing one of the first 5000 original copies of the Book of Mormon. One of the Stake presidency members has one and it was so cool to look at. unfortunately we didnt get to handle it, but we did get to see it up close. I also got to see Elder Mathews again and that is always a good time.

On Valentines day we tried to visit some of the Elderly widows in the ward as a part of a late Family home evening activity with the Dyess', but by the time we went to go visit and deliver flowers and chocolate they had all fallen asleep! Biiiig sad.

had lessons cancel on us for Saturday, but we got to play some good basketball with a group of guys and have a nice short lesson afterwards. earned the nickname of 'Luka" for Luka Doncic so that was a pretty sweet compliment from the boys.

We got to try a new food, and Dad if you read this im sure youre familiar, but Mole was definitely a unique experience. Think of chinese peanut sauce, followed by mexican chili burning your mouth and throat. It was actually really good, and verifiably authentic mexican food. 8.2/10 would eat again.

I lied, we tried 2 new foods. I bought a 95% dark chocolate bar thinking that i really liked dark chocolate but i found out that i was wrong. Eating straight cocoa beans is nasty and not worth the supposed health benefits.

Sunday was pretty normal, on wednesday they made me a district leader again so i spent most of sunday afternoon calling my district to hear about their week. so having those responsibilities again is kind of fun.

Thats about all I have for this week, this next week should be a fairly busy one. We have a few lessons planned and some high hope that they dont cancel on us, so everyone keep your fingers crossed!!

I hope yall have had a great week, and that your week ahead is safe and enjoyable and blessed

talk soon!

Elder Austin Smith
3974 Annistown rd #403
Snellville, GA 30039


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