February 3, 2020


Centerville GA


Elder Nathan Roberts

Season 13, episode 5

Good gravy yall, I feel like I'm losing my mind

This whole transfer I have been very poor at writing my email updates, this week being no exception

For the vaguest of highlights, I learned how to paint walls and ceilings, so that was pretty cool. I see why mom and dad never let us kids help with that haha.

Had a good district council learning about how we can teach better, so that's always a good thing to brush up on.

Did another 20 almost 30 miles on our bikes on Thursday, so that's always a fun feat. Tried to visit a few people and were fairly successful in getting the doors to open. Finished with Gumbo and it was incredible.

Friday I woke up and thought I had died, but in retrospect I think it was just allergies. Still rough. But we helped an abuelita organize her garage and I befriended her little dog named ping pong (who looks like jordan❤️) and then we went home and I passed out til morning. Real exciting day. Maybe not allergies, who knows.

Helped a family move out and in on Saturday, and Elder Roberts and I did almost all of the heavy lifting. Good times.

Had a nice lil birthday party on Sunday for one of our adopted family members and it was real nice to do something fun with him.

My brain is fried and I can't remember much else but I am excited for the week ahead and cant wait to write a better email about it next week!

Have a great week! Stay blessed

Elder Austin Smith
3974 Annistown Rd # 403
Snellville, GA 30039


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