January 13, 2020


Centerville GA


Elder Nathan Roberts

Season 13, episode 2

Howdy y'all!

I am prepared this week. I allowed my dreams to get in the way of responsibilities last week, so for those of you that lost sleep ( I know it had to be in the 100's), I apologize, your highlight reel is here this week.

The last two weeks have been a blur.

Started the New year with an upgraded performance from the Turkey bowl n my debut "Ice bowl" game out at the park. The spirits of Big Ben, Johnny Football(Texas A&M) and Peyton Mannings forehead were with us as I sauced our Td pass after TD pass to every player on our team. Pretty legendary.

Got to paint a ladies fingernails at the Nursing home, she said I did an okay job. Better than a bad job I suppose. (went back barely 7 days later and she said "it came off.." Sure, ma'am. She knows that I know that nail polish is indestructible. But that's okay, atleast she was nice about it)

We did some biking in what started as a trickle from the sky, and ended in sideways rain. We were just trying to go help out at the horse farm, and we got shmacked by the weather. All ended well, we were safe and so were devices of all sorts.

Played basketball a few different times in the name of missionary work. Had a lot of fun, got smoked by a 50 year old and got to share some nice, non pushy messages with friends not of our faith.

Like I've mentioned like 5 gazillion times already, we went to topgolf and I got to satisfy my craving of obliterating golf balls and eating good food. Always a good time. The Snellville Sisters and a few of our adopted family members came too, since we didn't want to bike 30 miles to get there on our own.

Met up with a good friend from PTC for some waffle home one day, so that was a lot of fun. It's cool to see friendships from city to city develop and continue even though I'm not living or serving there anymore.

Learned how to use insulating tape? I don't know what it was but we helped a brother make his garage more airtight. And saw my new dream vehicle. 1999 Ford Econoline. I'm sure the gas mileage is a joke and a half, but the memories to be had in a party bus that's as old as I am are unlimited and definitely outweigh the amount of money I'd spend on gas and gas station food.

Got to teach Anna! We basically taught her how to Bible bash her mom(probably not the best but she needs to be prepared to defend the truth, even though the truth does a good job on its own).

The whole district came up with a challenge for its self that we'd teach 10 lessons by the next district council and it's been going okay, almost all of ours has been to members but lessons are lessons, we know we'll have more soon.

Here's a story for ya. At the same place I painted nails, I got dragged into square dancing! I was minding my own business, when an older, professional square dancer named "cricket" came and grabbed me and wouldn't take no for an answer. So I learned a few moves with a group and just tried to remember my showchoir days and learning how to embrace something I didn't love😂 it was a mess, but it was actually kinda fun.

Tried to stop by a friend of a member and give him some cookies for being such an Antonio Brown to my Big Ben at the ice bowl, and were lucky enough to catch his wife. Really nice people, and hopefully people we can teach about Jesus later on.

This isn't really relevant to anything, but I just want to make a weird flex and say that my ability to ride a bike with no hands is astronomically higher than it was 8 weeks ago. I impress myself every day, and my hope is that oncoming traffic is even more impressed than I am. Probably not, but that's okay, we can just pretend.

Got to do some deconstruction work at the Halls house and it was tons of fun. Pulling out foam insulation with a garden hoe and removing a sheet rock ceiling. If I have half a brain I'll attach sketchy pics of Bro Hall on a ladder that's on scaffolding.

I've avoided food this whole email(pretty good, most of you consistent readers know) but we had a sweet potato casserole on Saturday night and I am throughly convinced that we could make world peace with this stuff. Iran? No match. Germany taking another shot at world domination? Try again. This stuff blew us away. It was that good.

I think that is all I have to highlight for now. I could go all in and do a whole email on just the food we've had to eat but I think Ill save that for another time.

Recently I've been making an extra focused effort to see our Savior in all that I do. For example, when meeting someone new I try to see Gods love for them, even if theyre kinda rude. Or when im studying my scriptures, rather than just reading through, I try to think about how those ancient people werent that much different than any of us today. Theres a prophet, to lead and guide us, just as there was in the Bible and Book of Mormon, and we as humans decide to recognize and follow, or we dont recognize and therefore we do not follow. But picturing what scriptures from our time might say and then placing myself in that book is an interesting way of looking at things.

Kind of a random and deep tangent, but hopefully that all made sense.

I need to wrap up this email before someone thinks its a draft of a novel and sends it in to be published or something, but im so so grateful to be where I am. Helping others find and know Jesus Christ is such a rewarding thing to be a part of. Hard, without a doubt, but most definitely worth it.

Hope yall have a wonderful week, and dont slip on your new years resolutions!

Stay safe and stay blessed,

Elder Austin Smith
3974 Annistown Rd #403
Snellville, GA 30039


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