December 30, 2019


Centerville GA


Elder Nathan Roberts

Season 12 episode 6 End of the special

Happy almost New Year, Gang!!

I hope everyone had the merriest Christmas! Our week was pretty solid.

Ill go through the last 2 weeks hitting the highlights and fun stuff

We sang to lots of senior citizens the last few weeks. We had some pretty good sized groups, so it wasnt too bad. We had some super fans, and then some haters. Both are probably stories better shared later. Funny stuff though.

We did some "tabling," which is just setting up a table in a pubic place and trying to talk to everyone about a specific subject. We shared the Churchs Christmas time service initiative, and it was a pretty good time. We gave out hot chocolate one of the times as well. Kids are suckers for hot chocolate😏

i learned how to do minor drywall repair and furthered my study of jimmy rigging car parts. That was a pretty fun morning.

Last week we biked 16 miles just to eat dinner. Totally worth it. Although my hands were cold on the way home haha.

Went to my first funeral ever. Im very blessed to be able to say that at almost 21 years of age, but we went and it was a very nice service.

Had a wonderful Christmas Church service, lots of hymns and lots of kids yelling too. But the spirit of Christmas is so sweet. The music is so special.

Had a fun district council last week, we made gingerbread houses and did a white elephant thing and went to sing to the seniors.

Christmas was a really really good day. We spent virtually all of it at someones home, and looking back it was a really spiritual day, but not necessarily in the ways you might think.

The time we spent with our 'adopted families,' and the time we spent talking to our families at home were textbook examples of Christlike love. We had such a good time hanging out with people we love and eating good food. There's happiness, and then there's Joy. Happiness is fairly easy to find/make for yourself, but Joy is brought by Jesus Christ, and those that act like him. I am so grateful I was able to spend my Christmas surrounded by those that act like our Savior. Being away from home at this time of year can be really hard, and its most definitely a sacrifice, but when surrounded by the right people and able to talk to those at home, it really is enjoyable.

Thats really the highlight of the last 2 weeks. Other honorable mentions include burritos the size of a baby, basketball, exchanges, and finding out im staying put for the next 6 weeks.

I hope y'all have a fun and safe New Years, and starting Wednesday, i can say that ill be home this year! Crazy crazy crazy.

Be safe, be warm (if applicable), set big goals for the next year/decade, and be blessed! Im praying for ya!


Elder Smith


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