December 2, 2019


Centerville GA


Elder Nathan Roberts

Season 12!! Episode 2 -!

Thanksgiving is the epitome of American ideology, and one of my favorite holidays. This week was a slow one for traditional missionary work, a bad one for the scale, and a great one for the soul.

Monday we almost got rekt driving with sweet old Sister Baumgart. She drove us home from dinner in the dark and on the way home looked back at us in the car and said " im not the best at driving in the dark." Not the most comforting words to hear traveling at 50 miles an hour. We really are watched over and protected while on the Lords errand🙏

On tuesday we went and had a birthday banger at the assisted living center. Cake and icecream and ginger ale baby. I got a license plate, so now i have one from every place ive served except my first area, so thats pretty sweet. and then we biked almost 8 miles in the dark to get to our dinner, bringing our total that day to about 20. It was an exhausting day, but luckily they were able to drive us and our bikes back home at the end of the night.

Wednesday we had interviews in good ol DeCaTuR, so we spent most of the day getting to and from there with drivers that nearly killed us, and then walking to chick fil a while we waited for the sisters in there spanish district council. On the way home, i was about 24 inches away from being drilled by the front end of an old minivan. Luckily our driver knew how to "skrt skrt," and we managed to make it home safely. im telling you, we really are protected by angels.

Thursday was the beginning of a 3 part body destroying series, presented by The Elders and the Centerville ward.

We started our day with the wards turkey bowl. Ya boys showed up and showed out. i wont go through all of the highlights, but if ihad played this way in highschool Nick Saban wouldve been all up in my DMs. it was a lot of fun, and it was a good way to get up and get ready for what was to come next.

When we got home, and before we went to eat our thanksgiving dinner, i weighed a modest 217.2 pounds. A decent weight, and a great starting point.

When we got home, i had jumped up to 225.6.... For those of you who arent math majors, or dont have a calculator, thats a gain of 8.4 pounds. i couldnt believe it either, but numbers dont lie, and the feelings i felt after eating that much either certainly matched up.

Before i jump into the other questionable decisions we made with food this week, i will say that thanksgiving was great. I enjoyed the family we had a meal with and talking to my own throughout the day. All in all a great last thanksgiving in the field.

Friday was Elder Roberts dinner, and also black friday. so we hit up wally world so he could treat himself, and then he spent some time calling his own family. Then we had a surprise dinner at the Dyess' house, where we were presented with whole Little Caesars hot and ready pizzas and told to "eat." So we did. Usually a whole pizza is tough to finish, and by the end you are only eating to say that you did, but i can genuinely say I ate all 8 slices and enjoyed each of them. It wasnt even hard, after being stretched to the max the day before. such a fun fam and a great evening.

Saturday we had some service raking leaves and pushing down trees, as well as some time to do our weekly planning session. But what followed this was the most questionable of all of our decisions.

Atlanta is famous for wings. There are wing places in every dinky stripmall and hood you can find here. For Elder Roberts birthday, we decided to just go for it. So we drove to Atlantas best wings, and ordered 100 of them. We then spilt them 50/50,and went to work.

Both of us were able to finish all of our hot, honey bbq, hot teriyaki and garlic parmesan wings, but one of us was in a lot better shape than the other, and it wasnt elder smith. i struggled for the next 18 hours to digest and handle the complications of so much meat in one sitting. It was brutal, but in my opinion, it was very much worth it. The meat sweats were no match for a strong young man like me. But it certainly delayed all of our introductions to slightly less fat Elder Smith. Hes coming, I promise. Theres just alot of holiday traffic.

Saturday was the conclusion of our outrageous food adventures, for now. i have no more plans involving vast amounts of food, unless someone else funds it. Blazing challenge? sure. whole pizzas? you have my address. But for now im going into retirement haha.

Sunday was a great day. nice lil church service, and then some thanksgiving leftovers and some service at the senior center putting up christmas decorations. it was nice to decorate some trees for other people, cause we probably wont get our own tree for our apartment this year. a tender time to reminisce about home:-)

Well folks, this was a lot more than i intended on writing. But this week was full of adventure, and time to remind my self how much i have to be grateful for. From a list of email subscribers/supporters, to a warm bed at night, to a call from God to help others come closer to Jesus Christ, I really have nothing to complain about. even if i do have to ride my bike.

I hope yall have a great week! Stay warm, stay safe, and stay blessed.

Send me your Christmas cards, and let me know if you want one from me!

Seasons best,

Elder Austin Smith


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