November 11, 2019


Phenix City, Alabama


Elder Austin Mathews

season 11 episode 5

What's going on y'all! Hope everyone is having a great veterans day. Not to flex too hard, but we got to go to the National infantry museum today on Fort Benning and it was pretty cool. So much history, you really would have to go like 100 times to get it all.

Anyway, this week was good.

Not too many highlights, but we did have a good 2nd to last lesson with Callie, and after our lesson this week she'll be baptized on Saturday! So exciting

Helped our Columbus boys get around to a Walmart so they could jump their car. They needed cables so we got to serve our fellow missionaries. Always a good time.

Met a man named Eerick, who had requested a copy of the Bible. Hes super cool and we should be meeting with him again this next week.

Met some families in the ward we hadn't met before, so that was nice.

Had lessons with the pitkins and the Strongs on Saturday night. Both of those were small miracles in themselves, and then on top of that we Saw a few minutes of Bama gettin whooped by LSU at Zaxbys with the Pitkins! Geaux tigers? Idk, it's fun to see Bama lose but also I live here so I think I'll just keep my mouth shut.

Sunday was a super full day, as usual. Someone at Fort Benning forgot to fill the baptismal font so we didn't have any baptisms (and I didn't have to give a talk), so next week we'll have to double down.

That's pretty much all I can think of for today. This week is our last full one of the transfer, so by next Monday I'll know if I'll be in a new place for the holidays :,)

Have a safe and blessed week, y'all!

I love you, and the Lord loves you. Don't ever forget that

Elder Austin Smith


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