September 2, 2019


Phenix City, Alabama


Elder Austin Mathews

Season 10, episode 1 I'm a what?!

Hey yall. This week was pretty much insanity. I literally never thought I'd be able to type alot of the things I'm going to type today, so check your seat belts, we're going for a ride.

Monday-- pretty regular Pday. Did almost nothing, which was nice. Did get a haircut, which was nice, and then we got some super good Mexican food with the Bush's. After that we made a few farewell visits for Elder Jessee and that was pretty much it.

Tuesday-- Had district council in Auburn, and talked about our favorite Book of Mormon missionaries. Catch me tryna be like Ammon😤 cashed in on Taco Tuesday, and then I got to wish my momma a happy birthday🎂❤️ had dinner with the Clark's, and visited the Baumgarts so they could say see ya later to Elder Jessee.

Wednesday-- here's where things took a sharp turn. At 8 am, we get a call from President Clayton saying that Elder Jessee would be a district leader in his next area and that Elder Smith would be TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY?!?! WHAT?! So after a short conversation with the Lord, I found out he was serious, and fairly certain of his decision, and so we went with it. Still kinda scary though. Then on our way to transfers, a bike almost fell off our bike rack onto a freeway at 75 mph... Stopped in at Dorindas since we were passing through Senoia and then we got to transfers. Picked up a fresh greenie, Elder Mathews, from Alamo, Nevada. The rest of the day was unpacking and eating and wreaking havoc at the basketball court.

Thursday-- Started our day with service. Finished up a job clearing an empty lot for a trailer home. Spent the afternoon visiting members that didn't live at their listed addresses and trying to figure out how to play this game smarter instead of harder. Had a lesson with the Baumgarts about the Lords perfect health code, and got our sneak peak of college football for the year 😈

Friday-- Had 4 burger patties today. How's that for a stat that isn't relevant to literally anything? Did alot of planning today, which is okay but it was slow and took alot of brain power. After dinner, we went to visit some members and we actually met one! Pretty cool guy, Carlos the traveling nurse. Caught him when he wasn't traveling, thankfully. Taught Jacob about Christ's Gospel through Lehis vision of the tree of life. Pretty sweet stuff.

Saturday-- Service and miles baby. We did alot of that today. Mowed a lawn down in Seale (shotgun town) and helped our a family that was behind. Got some Zaxbys and headed up to Salem to do a ton of work for another family struggling to keep up with their yard. It was such an uplifting experience, they couldn't believe that we came to work for free and that all we wanted to be paid was water bottles. They love Jesus and we really loved working with them. Had dinner with the Smiths, visited the Strongs, and got poured on. Pretty standard Saturday.

Sunday-- Really nothing outside the usual. Meetings, church, dinner with the Bush's, meetings and a sleep over with the Flatrock Elders.

This week was a pretty fun one. I never thought I'd train a new missionary, but we are rolling and learning and having fun. Life comes at you fast!

I hope yall have a great week! Stay blessed and everyone on the east coast stay safe! Hopefully hurricane season has mercy on all of us.

Love yall! Talk soon

Elder Austin Smith
3a Autumn Way
Phenix City, AL 36869


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