August 26, 2019


Phenix City, Alabama


Elder Kaden Jessee

Season 9 episode 6

Say it with me now "SWEET HOME ALABAMA"

I've been reinforcing this idea all week, cause sometimes the south ain't so sweet😂 gotta speak it into existence since I'll be here for another 6 weeks!

Monday-- Went to Flat Rock Park in Columbus, didn't catch fish, ate taco bell, played ball and drank water. Packed up for exchanges in Auburn, and then hit the road. Had a fun evening with Elder Peacock and the Auburn Spanish elders

Tuesday-- got to exercise in Auburns practice gym, which was sweet even though we couldn't go on the court :/ had district council and then Elder Peacock and I had a funky afternoon of going to stores, looking at area book and having a good ol chat. Had a Thanksgiving dinner-esque meal, and then drove around near campus before we got called back to go to Phenix to exchange back.

Wednesday-- sweat more than I knew I could. Went to almost finish clearing the lot for the trailer, cut down some trees and enjoyed it. After some time on the computer we went to Columbus to do more service. Demolition derby on an old trailer home. So. Many. Bugs. But we had lots of fun breaking everything in sight and hucking it in a dumpster. Then we came home, had dinner, and decided to top off our day of exercise we should go and play ball with our friends at the park and every last square inch of my clothing was soaking wet. Disgustin. To anyone concerned, almost 2 gallons of liquid went down the hatch so we were safe.

Thursday-- the beginning of the day was a hot mess. I'll just skip to the afternoon, where we delivered a Book of Mormon to someone that actually wanted to read it, had dinner with the Vancours, and then took a near 80 mile round trip to Hurtsboro and Hatchechubbee Alabama. Where we saw: a guard goat, good boys (dogs), dogs that have popped car tires with their mouths(scary boys), ghetto supermarkets with tiny bathrooms, doors that don't open, potholes that make you want to apologize to your car, lots of friendly southern waves and lots of hills. Beautiful scenery on the way there, it's shocking more people don't live there truthfully.

Friday-- went to graduation at Fort Benning and have never sweat so much literally just sitting on bleachers. It was so hot 🔥 studied after that, and then got some waffle house to feed not only our bodies but our souls. Did some planning and what not, and then we visited Kevin again. He's super down for the Book and was happy to see us. Dinner at the Baumgarts, homemade burgers and paper football. Pretty solid evening.

Saturday-- had a service opp that canceled on us, so that was super lame. Came home to do come follow me, and then we went to the Zehs for dinner later on. Made a visit at the Battles and that was pretty much.

Sunday-- double church as usual, but we had a baptism! Highly unusual! Was privileged enough to help Private Robertson make his first covenant with his Heavenly Father. Super cool day. Highlight of the week forsure.

It was a tough week, sometimes it feels slower than it actually is but regardless they fly by! And I am truly excited for another transfer in Alabama. Many adventures to come😎

Have a great week, stay blessed!

Elder Austin Smith


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