August 12, 2019


Phenix City, Alabama


Elder Kaden Jessee

Season 9 episode 4

What's going on yall

It was a good week. Hotter than hades down here, but life is so good.

Monday-- lazy pdays are the best. Got up and went fishing at Bishops. Caught a fig ol bish and had a blast. Then we stayed home all day. Called our moms, cleaned, napped, ate. It was nice to slow things down and relax a little bit. Din din at the Vancours, and some work online to finish off the day.

Tuesday-- Tuesday was a rough day. Hard morning, couldn't wake up, couldn't focus. Just slow. Then we drove to fort Mitchell to follow up with mostly members. Met Brother Young on the way down, and didn't see another door open for like 3+hours. Miss Jo answered, but then her neighbor came and decided to lecture us on religion. Not the best. Had dinner at the Clark's, and then got some major street cred at the park. Buckets.

Wednesday-- District council up in Auburn, and then some online proselyting in the afternoon. Delivered a Bible (product of said online proselyting) and met a cool dude named Adrian. He was grateful for his large print Bible. Went with Elder Vancour to give a blessing to someone in the hospital.

Thursday-- Had a good morning. Did our usuals and then we went to the Mcgwins to do some service. Chopped some bushes, moved some wood, and the burned it all. I love fires. Had dinner at the older Vancours, and then tried to find more service via the internet. Stay tuned.

Friday-- went to fort Benning for another graduation. Great job Zavala! Really great ceremony, the band was killer. Then we had another service opportunity, where we helped clear a lot so a trailer home could go on it. Super sweaty, and we get to finish the job Tuesday. Had dinner with Sister Morris at Buffet City(not the wisest choice for our digestive tracks) and our other appointments canceled so we weekly planned.

Saturday-- weird day. Had a decent morning and early afternoon. Did our usuals, online pros and lunch and everything, and then in the later afternoon we got interviewed by someone for a school project, finished our weekly planning and studied come, follow me. After which we had din din, and were supposed to have appointments with 2 families in the ward and NO ONE WAS HOME! So sad. So we printed a few things for Fort Benning, and then we went to park and schooled some fools in hoops and got big blisters. Totally worth it 😎

Sunday-- 7 meetings, and bacon wrapped meatloaf. That's all you need to know.

This next week will be crazy! Exchanges and interviews and service and all of it at 98 degrees!

The gospel is so true. Im so grateful I get to share it on a daily basis, even if no one wants to listen to us haha

Stay blessed yall, talk soon

Elder Austin Smith
3a Autumn Way
Phenix City, AL 36869


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