August 5, 2019


Phenix City, Alabama


Elder Kaden Jessee

Season 9 episode 3

Hello party people!

This week was better, still kinda slow but we are picking things up a little bit. I'll tell yall about it

Monday-- really lazy day. The best. Played some games in Colombus, talked to my mom, found out im the healthiest I've been since before I was diabetic, and then went fishing. No luck though, too hot. Had a killer dinner with the Vancours and had an uneventful evening.

Tuesday-- Had to grind the whole day out. Did some work online for our records, and tried to visit a ton of people today. Not many people answered, but one did and she was really nice. Day maker. Had some good meals and that was basically it.

Wednesday-- got up and went to district council in Auburn, had a good time talking about our areas and what we can do to be better. Did even more work on the computer, visited a few families close by, and then tried to boost our street cred by playing ball at the park. Rip my feet, but it was worth it.

Thursday-- Helped a family from the Naperville stake move in, so that was pretty cool. We put a bow on address corrections in our area book( basically, every road here is "Lee road" followed by a number, but it could also be "County road" or even "Lee County road" and each one of those takes you some where different. So google maps has a problem in giving us the right directions, so we hunkered down and figured out what the real address was for everyone in the congregation. Nasty clerical work.) cooked dinner, and was reminded how much hotter jalapeños are when you cook them. Ouch. But tasty. Had a lesson with Jacob where we reviewed the plan of salvation and that was our day.

Friday-- went to a super cool graduation ceremony for some of the Fort Benning Army recruits. Super patriotic, it was so awesome. Had a weekly planning afternoon (slow) and then had a dinner/lesson with the Baumgarts. Went super well, we reviewed fasting and had a good time. Such a funny bunch.

Saturday-- basically nothing happened j until we went up north to the lake to visit some members. Saw some sweet properties and actually saw some people. Came home for dinner, then met a lady named Valerie who had some sweet dogs and grandkids and then that was basically it. Kind of a blur

Sunday-- meetings(in order) : correlation meeting for Phenix City, sacrament, Sunday school, then we had lunch, Sunday school for Fort Benning, Sacrament, dinner with the Eilands, correlation for Fort Benning. That was it. That was the whole day. We have fun though, and lots of people came to church with us.

Some of these weeks are exhausting, but it is so so worth it! Alabama is starting to feel like home a little bit, and although people stare at us alot more here they are pretty friendly over all. We are trying to get a good rep around here for being good and friendly people even with guns pointed at us hahaha

Have a great week yall! Talk soon

Elder Austin Smith
3a Autumn Way
Phenix City, AL 36869


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