July 29, 2019


Phenix City, Alabama


Elder Kaden Jessee

Season 9, Episode 1 - Sweet Home Alabama

What a week it has been yall! ill drop right into the good stuff

Monday-- Monday was a solid pday. Had dinner at Buds, he and his family are so cool. Then we had our last lesson with Mikaela and we caught a monster catfish. it was sweet. Tough goodbye with Mikaela, but shes cool enough we arent too worried about her.

Tuesday-- Started with one last district council at the Merrells. Such a good district, and some really good hawaiian hay stacks. then we got fresh cuts from Sister Boyle because she couldnt do it on Monday(dont ever cheat on your barber). We said goodbye to our truck, and did a lot of packing. Then we had dinner at the Groenigs, then we visited a bunch of families, Jeffords Kennedys and then the Jeffords again. then we finished up our packing.

Wednesday-- Finished up our packing and cleaning up the apartment, and then we visited the Allens and Mike. picked up Fayetteville and went to transfers. Everyone got moved! and now your favorite Elder Smith is serving in Phenix City, Alabama! and no, that is not a typo, its Phoenix but without the O. transfer days are whack, but we had fun.

Thursday-- Pretty average day. visited a lot of people, contacted quite a few on the phone. Then we had a lesson with the Baumgarts in the evening. Super funny family. but we read some scriptures and broke it down so it was easier to understand. "girl, you slicker than deer fat on a door knob." end quote.

Friday-- pretty crazy day. Went on a wild visiting spree in Seale, AL. lots of baptists, rain, people trying to convert us, more rain, a shotgun, and off roading in a chevy malibu. Ill explain the shotgun. We pulled up at a house to see if a member of the church still lived there, and someone saw us through the window. so we get out, and start walking towards the door, and half way there the door opens and a lady is standing there, shot gun in hand, and she starts the conversation with " you need to leave"
"okay, does so and so live here?"
"you need to leave... dont come back"

end of conversation. we left pretty quickly.
gave a brother a blessing and tried not to freak out at the number of cock roaches running around, and also got nipped by his cat.

Saturday-- had a good morning. did some weekly planning and online proselyting. did some visiting with no luck, had dinner and tried to do some more visiting after that. finished the night with come follow me.

Sunday-- Sundays are wild. i am not in little Utah anymore. no ward council, but after church we had lunch at the Bush's, and then Brother Bush drove us to Fort Benning. we teach there and have a sacrament meeting. we taught some of the recruits and had a good time.its like a factory over there, but really cool experience. really bad singing though. Had some dinner after and did some more visiting but no one answered. then we did reports and that was it!

Overall it was a great week. Lots of new things and people and places, and lots of excitement for a new adventure. im on my 9th transfer, and also my 9th companion! keeping things fresh! my year mark is this thursday, i can hardly believe it! in almost a year Ill be off of my mission and getting ready to go to college. Life comes at ya so fast.

hope yall have a blessed week, stay cool and safe!


Elder Austin Smith
3A Autumn way
Phenix CIty, AL 36869


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