July 15, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Samuel Hopkins

Season 8, episode 6, season finale!!

Gooooooood morning Elder Smith subscribers!!

Im writing my email early for once, hopefully it gets out early too. We had alot going on this week, so we'll try to stick to the highlights.

Monday-- Went to topgolf as a district, and President came and surprised us! Killed us in golf too. Some of my favorite people at one of my favorite places. Then we hit Lenox mall and got some Garrett's popcorn❤️

Tuesday-- drove from Peachtree city to Dunwoody with elder Kone, then back to PTC, to Newnan, and then down to Lagrange and back again. Lots of furniture to move. Super fun day. Then we rushed back and had a fishing and restoration lesson with Mikaela! It was so good, she took a copy of the Book of Mormon and we should be teaching her again tonight!

Wednesday-- worked at Mike's house in his yard. Helped repave a cobblestone path, and then he paid for 2 meals. Definitely not helping the ol waistline. We tried to do some diabetes things at the library, and then we had dinner at Adriens! His family is super sweet, it was such a pleasant experience and it gave us a great chance to personify ourselves. Tacos were a bonus 😎

Thursday-- The whole district went to the foodbank to do some service, and then we had a short district council. Successfully did some diabetes things, tried to visit Jeffery and somehow ended up at the Moyes.

Friday-- got some bloodwork done in the morning, then cleaned the h*ck out of our apartment so the office elders wouldn't spend their last pday ever cleaning. Visited some friends, saw David and then had dinner at the Jeffords. Tried nato and pickled plums. Didn't quite slap.

Saturday-- helped the Jeffords move some stuff, got lunch, took some things to the sheds and the Johnsons. Visited Dorinda, din din at the Moyes and then Kroger. Then we got WRECKED with transfers. Hopkins and I are both out 😭😭we are so bummed. Didn't sleep great that night haha

Sunday-- went to church with Dorinda, and then she came with us! It was super awesome, her and sister Moye are gonna be bffs. Sat in on primary, stayed for a baptism, then visited Jeffords, Kroger gang, the Moyes and the Moores as a part of our farewell tour. Then reports as usual

Saturday night wrecked us, but we know the Lords signature is all over the place, we just need to be looking for it. I'm as sad as I've been on my mission to leave this area, but I know that I'll always have a home here In the Whitewater ward ❤️this transfer will bring lots of changes, with 2 new stakes and probably zones joining us on the 1st, the possibilities are endless. I could be in Alabama on Wednesday, I could be in Atlanta, or I could be in Fayetteville. All I know is that the Lord needs someone else here and he needs me somewhere else because someone probably needs a connection to the church through basketball and rap music. I'm excited for a new opportunity to serve and I can't wait to fill yall in! In less than 2 weeks we hit hump day! I can't believe I'm almost half way through my mission. Life truly comes at ya fast.

Thank you all for your love and support and prayers.

Have a blessed week and try not to melt!

Elder Austin Smith


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