July 8, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Samuel Hopkins

Season 8, episode 5


The last few weeks have been so fast paced, which usually translates to lower quality emails. Today's should be a lil better.

Monday-- was outside like all day. Had zone pday at the park, played basketball and kick ball and had a good time. Lost like 6 pounds in water weight

Tuesday-- Grabbed some things from the shed for the new AP, and then took Fayetteville to Midwest foodbank to help them out. After we got lunch, then did a little biking, some visiting of all sorts of people, and bought dinner at Kroger

Wednesday-- started off our day with a Book of Mormon give away at the Kroger. One of our favorite employees asked for one and we happily obliged. Visited Mike, and then went to help the elders in the office since they were swamped. Went on splits with elder Rushton and met with the Fayetteville bishop. Then we decorated our golf cart and had a fun time being eye candy for patriots on the way home

Thursday-- started early for the parade, we had to be in our assigned spot really early. Had a blast walking and driving in the parade, although people's reaction to us in the street does not mirror their reaction to us knocking on their door. Don't they know we can't give them the best stuff In a parade😭 had a killer lunch at Dorindas, and then called the fam. Went to a couple of events in Peachtree city and had a super cool experience. Long story short, playing bags (or, "cornhole") led to us finding a new super cool person to teach. Missed the fireworks but that's okay.

Friday-- started with Elder Kone at the dump, then helped Elder Read with a recliner. Got Culver's, then had a district council. Later had Dinner at the Daniel's, and tried to fish with Alex but got Rained out

Saturday-- had breakfast with the Jacobsens at their apartment. Then we had a decent tenure at Kroger followed by shopping with the office elders. Then we cleaned the golf carts, weekly planned and then taught Caitlin at a pond. Caught some yuge fish.

Sunday-- had a good morning, ward council and church. Got to bear my testimony in church and then teach in primary. Had a cool visit with some members and then reports.

Overall it was a good week. The 4th is always a good week, even if it's not the same as home

Love and miss yall as usual! Have a blessed week and write soon!

Elder smith
1221 Peachtree station cir
Peachtree City GA 30269


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