June 24, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Samuel Hopkins

Season 8, episode 3

Elder smith played himself again so this week's email will be SHORT

Monday--almost ran out of gas. Good pday though

Tuesday-- unloaded the mission trailer, helped the sisters with a baptismal suit, visited the office, had a cool experience with Craig, and had dinner at bishops

Wednesday--foodbank, lost the Cartersville stake in the mission, store contacting and fishing finding

Thursday-- district council at the mission office, followed by an exchange at the office, which Was me being elder J
Kohlers assistant which meant shredding stapling labeling and all sorts of other fun things. Good day. Felt like I was working for dad again haha

Friday-- had a ZLC, then we made our way to Brooks and followed up with friends and found a new fishing hole! Super sweet place to teach lessons 😎

Saturday--got a free carwash courtesy of Fayette family church. Then we tried a bunch of store contacting which resulted in me spending money I don't really have (oops) and then later we were going to teach our Kroger friends on a dock and then fish a little but mother nature said "no" with authority so we said okay.

Sunday-- Great day. Helped a guy remove some couches and had dinner with the Perkins and then did our weekly routine of report calls.

Overall it was a good week. Lots of learning as we shift our focus away from knocking doors( as a mission, we're not just lazy haha) but I am excited and I hope yall are ready for some sweet stories!

Have a great week! Love yall, stay blessed

Elder smith


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