June 10, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Samuel Hopkins

eason 8, episode 1-- the promised land part 3

Okay, we're gonna hit a middle ground between last week and the week before. Still a savory email, and just short and sweet enough you'll think about reading next week's email.

Monday-- volunteered at the Midwest foodbank for like 4 hours. Then the gang got haircuts at Sister Boyles. Cutest dog in the WORLD. We had a delish din din at the Forsyths, and then went fishing at the Moyes to end our night.

Tuesday--Had a good district council, and gave Sister Bacon her farewell. Later we gave the truck up for what would be 24 hours, then got to have a #dope gospel discussion with Jess and Adam, so good to catch up and to learn from each other.

Wednesday-- biked forever. First to the foodbank for another shift, and then to the Boyles to help them clean out their backyard of sticks (and to pay off our fresh cuts). Biked 7 miles home, got our truck and had dinner at the Groenigs. Met with Sherrica before she moved to Texas and finished with some studies.

Thursday-- foodbank part 3 this week. Then a visit or two, then everything else we had canceled. Sister Boyle saw us at Kroger and invited us to dinner, and then we visited Dorinda and the moores

Friday-- helped Elder Kone take some things to Newnan, and got a little lunch. Had a lesson out at the Daiseys, and then tried to visit a few people in Brooks. The next while was dinner and a mess of calls texts and hyperglycemia. I've been a part of a traveling dumpster fire, this was a motionless one 😂

Saturday-- it was torrential down pouring all morning, so we comp studied and had lunch and weekly planned. Then in the afternoon we went on a visiting spree, and met a cool dude named Eugene. Older gentlemen, but asked some cool questions and he wanted to learn about "joe Smith" so we gave him a restoration DVD. Din din at moyes, and we tried our hand at pocket line fishing(nailed it)

Sunday--went to church with Dorinda, then our church, had a potluck and then went and did an interview. Jason is a stud. Had a lengthy and tough visit with some people we teach. Timing is a pain, ya know? Then we did reports and some decompressing and that was the whole night

Overall a busy week, some big time service hours and bike miles, but it's good for us.

It is such a blessing to be here. I can't say it enough. There is so much to learn and do for the people of Georgia. We can never do enough in our short tenure, but we can do our best.

I am excited for the week ahead, we have big zone conferences and a good clean slate to work on.

That's all I got! I hope yall stay cool/warm/dry where ever you are, and stay blessed!

Elder Austin Smith
1221 Peachtree station cir
Peachtree City GA 30269

Ps if email is dead, my Facebook messenger is also open on Mondays😎and it's open daily for "churchy" topics or questions you may have! Talk soon!


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