May 27, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Samuel Hopkins

Season 7, episode 5--hot as HADES

It was certainly a week, seemed just a bit longer this time but thats okay, we made it back to Monday

Let's go

Monday-- At the pond again in the morning, has a district pday party. Fishing and pizza, what more does a group servants of the lord need? Then we cleaned and chilled out and had deep dish pizza with the Goorskys ❤️

Tuesday-- made a dump run with Elder Read, and Elder Hopkins called into his Sisters wedding lunch shortly after. Then we made a trip to Starbucks to plan and had a good and necessary conversation. Still ended up planning, and then we had dinner at the Doepkers with Deanna and Devon! Talked about sacrifice and some of our basic commandments. Later we helped President Kennedy move some giant love seats.

Wednesday-- fun day, Had Midwest foodbank, and it was draining today. Usually it's not too tiring, but with the heat and humidity we were all dying. We ate and got cleaned up and then went and got peach milkshakes at chick FIL a (I think it's a GA special) and then knocked on a few doors and met Maddy and another nice couple. They had mercy on us and let us in and gave us a few drinks, so that was awful nice. Then Dorinda fed us, and we went to group study at the Methodist church

Thursday-- Had a really good district council, and then a below average interview. Not the best this time around. After we changed we went to Kroger on foot, and boy let me tell ya it was HOT. after we ran into the Rocketts and they gave us a ride home ❤️then we visited with Mike, got elder Rushton and knocked a few Sealed doors and taught Roderick. Super long and super hot, but also really good. Then we went and picked up dinner at Papa John's, and then pigged out at the apartment. I still got it😈

Friday-- got the trailer and supplies on our own, then met up with the Kones. Went to Griffin, Jonesboro, Moe's for lunch, stone mountain, Decatur, then Atlanta 2s apartment. Lots of driving, lots of fun. Then we put everything back, had a ZLC call and had to drive to the Kones to give them something they left. Full day.

Saturday-- helped the Gardeners move out, then we taught Deanna and Devon again. Did some weekly planning that made my entire existence hurt, did some following up with some people and then had dinner at the Vicks. Make your own sub night :,) stopped at the Moyes, and then our beds

Sunday--got to sit in primary at church, taught Deanna and Devon, knocked a few doors and then had din din with the Rineers. Then we stayed over at the APs

Overall this week was pretty good, it is getting to feel like a full on sauna/steamroom here and it makes me cranky so times so hopefully I get over it.

We are super close to having 3 baptisms, hopefully by the end of this next transfer we see a couple fruits from our labors. It has been such a blessing to teach and help those learn how they can come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ and their Heavenly Father.

I'm all out of words for the day, I hope yall have a great memorial day, and stay blessed!!

Elder Smith
1221 Peachtree station cir
Peachtree City, GA 30269


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