May 13, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Samuel Hopkins

Season 7, episode 3

Happy birthday to all the moms out there!!

We had an interesting week forsure. Are they ever regular? The answer is no.

Monday-- Pdays are SO back. Got up and pretty much went straight to the Moyes with the APs and Elder Rushton. We fished, emailed a bit, hung out, caught Catfish, bass and bluegill, and learned how to clean them up. After, we had a fish fry, and they were pretty good! Went to the Groenigs after to help them with their purgula(???) and then had some dinner. That was pretty much it.

Tuesday-- Tuesday was outrageously fast and plain. Foodbank w chick fil a in the morning and afternoon, and then pretty much a visit with David and dinner with the Hinds in the evening.

Wednesday-- Wednesday was similar to Tuesday, but a little more exciting. Foodbank again just with elder Rushton too. Such good people over there to work and talk with. Then we had a good time with our cheese ladies at Kroger for a minute, and then we made some area book calls at the church, just trying to see if we could eliminate any houses to visit before we drove all the way out there. Then the Methodist church had us for supper, and we stayed for the group study. We learned about the apostles creed, which I had never learned much about so it was cool, and we had a chance to share our own beliefs. Had a super cool moment with Barb(somewhat of a leader at the church) and gave her a Book of Mormon and she is going to read it!

Thursday-- Had zone conference today, had a good time. Learned about how to better extend commitments and be better teachers. Later we stole Elder Allen(the Allen's returned missionary son from Indonesia) an hour before he got released for a lesson! It was super cool to have him with us for his last lesson as an official Elder. We taught Roderick about Christ's Gospel and why it's important and got his brain moving. That was pretty much the day

Friday-- Elder Kone day 😎 pretty regular, got trailer, furniture, bought new mattresses, and then sent it to Conyers. Swapped a few things for them, and then we took off towards Jackson. On the way, we stopped at CULVER'S and it made my whole day. Cheese curds, peach and heath concrete mixer, the whole 9 yards. Made me miss home and the Culver on north main street❤️Then we taught Deanna and Devon the gospel of Christ, and it went okay. Then we got cleaned up, had a surprise (not surprise, I just forgot) ZLC call, and we finished taking the trailer back and unloading a few things.

Saturday-- started with some weekly planning, pretty basic stuff. After lunch, we went to Walmart to talk to people while we bought fishing poles. Probably spent too much money, but it'll be a good time. Saw Sister Hind, and a member of the Methodist congregation while we were there. Pretty wild. Then we drove out to Brooks, stopped at the Lundbergs, and then we walked like 3 miles round trip from their house to a potential house in our area book that we didn't know we could park closer to. After we had dinner with the Reeses, and their 6 week old German shepherd 😍😍and then we stopped at the moyes on the way home.

Sunday-- had a good time at church, but first we went to Fayette Family church again. Super interesting worship style there. Then ours, where in second hour we hung out in the primary so the women teachers could go to relief society for mothers day. Super funny, one kid yelled out "I KNOW WHAT THE OPPOSITE OF HEAVEN IS!!" he didn't get a chance to say it, but it didn't change how funny it was. After church was basically contacting in the area book, dinner at the Lundbergs, a visit at the Moores and calling home ❤️then the district for reports

The weeks are blurs. A year ago I found out id be coming to Georgia and it feels like just a few weeks ago!

I am so grateful for my time here, and I'm lieu of mothers day ill also mention it here that I am so grateful for her and her role in getting me here. Absolutely key.

That's all I got this week. Have a blessed one, and write soon


Elder smith


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