May 6, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Samuel Hopkins

Season 7, episode 2

Oh MAN did we have a fast week. Lots happened and I'm excited to type about it, it was a good one. coming a little late because we spent our morning fishing.

Monday-- Pdays are still back. When you have leftover miles, you make your dreams come true, no matter who disapproves. So we drove to Douglasville, and then onto Hiram to hang out with Elder Stead and some other northerners. Played some ball, and had some fun. Basically it.

Tuesday-- Buchanan or Buchanan? Well it's the one that is wrong to everyone but Georgians. Apparently it's pronounced "Buckanan". Who knew? Well we moved some elders out of a barn apartment into a regular one. Then Elder Kone treated us to Cracker barrel, and then after our drive home we got cleaned up and ready for the evening, which was din din at the Allen's followed by basketball and ping pong, it's like family night every night we go ❤️

Wednesday-- Had a weird morning of planning, getting a gallon of Arizona mucho mango and meeting ladies whose dogs died literally hours before, and then we had lessons with Roderick and Deanna and Devon. Both plan of Salvation, so it was a good one. Everyone is down and excited. Then we had dinner with the Methodists, some tacos 😊

Thursday-- started with district council, and had a pretty good one. It was the first one I've ever conducted so it was a bit of a mess but we made it. Then we had to hit the road again with Elder Kone for an emergency run to Jackson. Had a good drive, changed out some furniture and a toilet seat. Then we had the Johnsons for dinner and it was a good time to see the pool without the tree in it.

Friday-- Friday got interesting. Started by adopting Elder Rushton, he was in a trio with the APs so he came with us for a while. Then we went to Kroger for some comp studies and we had some cool Christian conversations with strangers. Chick for lunch courtesy of Aunt Katherine (love ya!). Met with Mike, helped the moyes unload their grill, knocked for a little while and then had dinner at the moyes. Finished the day with a zone leadership call

Saturday-- it was one for the boys. And the saving of souls. Met with Sherrica in the morning, she is super cool and wants to learn alot from us. Then we had a slightly frustrating weekly planning session, but that was followed up by the tender mercy of a member wanting to buy our groceries ❤️so we don't have to shop today. Then we went to the boonies and knocked a bit, and then hauled all the way back for the baptism of the girl I interviewed. Super tender, a great experience.

Sunday-- ward council, then a superb service. After church we visited with Deanna and Devon. Sweet visit, just kind of hanging out and answering questions. From there, we went over to the Kroger to contact some people in our area book, and then we went to the Allen's for dinner. Of course we played some ball, and then we went pretty much straight home for report calls and what not.

It was such a fast week. I sound like a broken record, but each week continually seems to get faster, I really can't believe it. It has been so good to get out and to work, not only knocking doors and talking to people but to work physically and to help others in more creative ways.

I don't have too much more to add this week. Come follow me was great. The story of the lady taken in adultery speaks to me, mostly because the love and mercy that Christ shows to her is such a powerful form. Instead of exploding on her and lecturing her all he says is, go, and sin no more. What a wonderful example of love. Thats pretty much all I got!

I am so happy to be here, even though it is getting hot. Sweaty, but totally worth it. Time is flying by, and before we know it, we'll be at the year mark, and then the cycle starts over for the second time around the sun. life comes at ya fast.

hopefully i can send pics today. we'll be doing service this afternoon, and then ill be around to email tonight when we are done.

be well, everyone. stay safe, and most importantly, stay blessed.

write soon,

all of the love

Elder Smith


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