April 29, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Samuel Hopkins

Season 7!! Episode 1-- what a maniac!

we are on to transfer number 7! I think ill have 10 left after this one so thats pretty much insanity. new comp, new whip, same ol promised land.

There are things that happen in between pdays that you would never expect to happen, and we had like 3 this week that stand out so I won't delay any longer

Monday-- Used our beautiful truck to take some plants back from the Easter Nativity celebration, and then went and got haircuts from Sister Boyle. My hair has never been so SHORT(like Nate Robinson short) on the sides but I like it a lot. Then some ball, and emailing, and din din at the Groenigs. Wing night baby.

Tuesday--Finished the Jefford's dirt pile first thing in the morning(shh, still a surprise) and then Dorinda fed us breakfast. Shes our friend from the Methodist church. Then we had a good district council, did some flight journals and then we had a big district lunch with the Lloyd's. Had to give elder read the truck for a few days, so we biked to Mike's on the golf cart paths. Afterwards Niebergall packed and I studied until dinner at the Moores, which was crawfish, stuffed salmon and crab legs. I had never had any of those foods before but boy did they SLAP.

Wednesday-- chilled out all morning until Fayetteville 3 picked us up for transfers. I am now with the nearly brand new Elder Hopkins! 3 months out, from Maine(hence, the title of this email) and bountiful at the same time, and very much a character. We stayed for a meeting, and then he unpacked, and we took a walk to Dickeys for dinner and Kroger to meet our friends. On the way home, elder Hopkins was determined to hitch hike on a golf cart, so that's exactly what we did. They drove us a couple hundred yards closer to home so that was pretty sweet. Then some lady named Vicky hollered at us from her balcony and we had a cool moment with her and her daughter and the Book of Mormon.

Thursday-- started the day with weekly planning, which is always a bit of a drag, but then we went to Kroger to get out and to see the gang and that was a good time. Then we went on a visiting spree, had a chat with Reggie, and then barely caught David before he left, and then we tried a few people in the area book before we had dinner at the Hinds. Pretty regular day for the Whitewater elders.

Friday-- pretty strange day. Had a ZLC call in the morning, and then some manual labor at the Johnsons. Shoveling lots of rock and dirt. Then we had a lesson with Roderick, we didn't prepare super well so it was a bit messy but roderick is #dope so it was okay. We read some of The Book of Mormon and talked about the plan of salvation as well. Then we organized the next few days, and had dinner with Deanna and Devon. Pretty solid sesame chicken. Then we started splits with the APs. Elder Sillito and Hopkins went to the temple with a recent convert, so Elder "don't drop that" Dunn "dun dun" and I went to a few appointments in Fayetteville. Had dinner with the St Onges and had a lesson with Terri there and it was such a sweet lesson. Talked about the plan of salvation and a couple other things and she is so excited to get baptized. What a sweet lady.

Saturday-- service Saturday. Went back to the Johnsons, and what started as shoveling rocks and dirt ended up as Bro Johnson putting a giant tree into his pool😭😂I'll attach a Pic and a video if I can, but he made a big ol mess. We had to leave to help a nonmember move, so after a few hours of moving we got to go back and help clean up the tree. Ever seen a chainsaw in a pool? We moved logs and had a good time with some other ward members. Din din at the Allen's, and that was pretty much our day.

Sunday-- ward council and church. Roderick, Deanna, Devon AND Devons sister all came to church. Then the Purdys had us for lunch time omelettes, and then we went back to Deannas to talk about church and answer questions they had. Then we had to haul our sweet cheeks to Fayetteville to say adios to Elder Baca. He got ET'd to help a struggling young elder, and then we had dinner with the Holingers of the Fayetteville ward in a trio with Elder Rushton. Crazy and fun family, and then I had the pleasure of doing a baptismal interview with one of their kids! Really cool experience, kids are so funny and it's cool to see the gospel from their perspective. Then calls and reports and that was pretty much it.

This week was pretty eventful. Lots of changes for Elder Smith once again, but it gives me another chance to just figure it out.

I mentioned a few weeks ago trying to do a book of Mormon read along, but since then i have totally dropped the ball. so instead of that we are just going to do a short Come follow me thing in the email each week. just my thoughts/interpretations of each lesson. sound good? good.

so quickly this weeks Come Follow Me lesson was on Matthew 18 and Luke 10. and my overall thoughts will be brief this week, and more in depth as the weeks come but when it comes to forgiveness, i think forgiving your self is one of the hardest things to do. but once you can do that, forgiving anyone else becomes much much easier. the lesson also talks about loving thy neighbor, and i am learning how important that is as a missionary. loving companions, the people we teach, actual neighbors, once we do that it makes our "work" so much easier. And the last part talks about good decisions basically. It talks about how all of our decisions add up and how ultimately if we choose enough we can have eternal life. pretty sweet huh? i like that because it plainly states we cant just dink around in this life and expect salvation to just be given to us. good stuff.

i dont think i have too much more for yall this week. stay safe, stay warm(@chicago) and as always, stay blessed


Elder Smith
1221 Peachtree station Circle
Peachtree City, GA 30269



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