April 22, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Benjamin Niebergall

Season 6, episode 6 - The rise and fall of a country boy

Tiger is back baby. I'm super late, but I am so excited that Tiger is back. Anyways, this weeks email is sent to you by a 20 year old. I have confirmed with multiple sources that I am in fact growing old, not up, so don't worry too much. Lets quit dinking around, we got missionary work to talk about

Monday-- super sweet day. Plain day up until we went to the Perkins for a district pday. Made delish pizzas, played dunk ball, watched the Testaments in a home theater and had a good time. Post pday was pretty plain, nothing else to report.

Tuesday-- Got older today. I guess we all get older every day anyway, but 20 years made me feel like an old fart. We had zone leadership council to start the day, and then we went to the urgent care for Elder Niebergall. His ankles had been bothering him since I crossed him up on pday so we went to get them checked out(not true, but I figured it was better than telling everyone why we had to go to the urgent care haha). Later in the afternoon we taught Devin and Deanna the plan of salvation and Devin killed it. Knew it forwards and backwards. Dinner was at the Houghtalings and we had the biggest pieces of chicken breast I had ever seen. Think Dwayne the Rock Johnson or maybe Shaquille O'Neal reincarnated as a chicken, and then cut their breast off and chuck it on the Houghtalings grill and smothered in barbecue sauce. You can wipe off your keyboard now, I know you were drooling. Later we helped set up the church for the Easter miracle celebration and I got to call the fam for my bday😎

Wednesday-- had a day of service. Started with the Mobile food bank, and then we went to a lady named Marc's house to help her plant a few plants. She was a referral from our friend Mike who works in the Kroger cheese bar. Then we worked at the Jeffords(shh, still don't tell them) and pulled out a deep stump. Then the Swans wanted help removing shutters so they could paint them but they were too stubborn so we just had a meal with them instead.

Thursday-- did some surprise service instead of district council, and then had some Truetts Luau, which is chickfilas Hawaiian restaurant. SO good. Then we visited David and duck, and had some good visits. Then a short and sweet lesson with Roderick. He is catching on and it is so awesome. He will make a great addition to the ward one day. For dinner we went to the methodist church and then stayed for a maundy Thursday service. Very interesting, but I enjoyed it alot. Very quiet and reverant, I liked learning about others worship style.

Friday-- bad weather day, it poured most of the morning. Got to help elder Kone today, so we loaded up the trailer and drove up to Buckhead with him to move in some Spanish elders, and then we headed to Decatur. We got there and found out that the temple trip was basically cancelled, so we said hellos and got some lunch and headed on home. Had a humbling experience when I tried to back the trailer when we got home😂it was so much harder than it looked, but buddy boy is learning. Then we went to work at the Easter miracle celebration. I'll explain this after these paragraph. And that was pretty much our day.

Saturday--Gave childrens tours at the Easter miracle celebration, and then had a few hours of small tasks like completing mission surveys, eating truetts luau again, and stopping in at Kroger to do some clerical work like sending texts and planning the next few days, and then we went and gave tours for a few more hours. Caitlin and Adrien came and so did Deanna and Devin and it was a fun time. Then we stayed to help clean up and we got our transfer news: Niebergall out, Smitty staying. So 7 comps in 7 transfers baby, I swear Im not the troubled missionary haha.

Sunday-- 3 churches on the day our Lord was risen? Easy buckets. Started off with our friends at the Methodist church at 7:30am for a sunrise service. It was really reverent and small and peaceful, and it was outside. Then we drove to Fayette Family church, Caitlins church and it was a party. lots of loud music, a live band, and a preacher that had enough energy for the whole state of Georgia. He basically did his own interpretation of John 11 (my fav chapter in the new testament bc of v 35) and it made my whole day. then we went to our own church, sang in the choir, stayed for a baptism, and started the fare well tour. visited with the Kennedys, Moyes, Denna and Devin, had dinner at the Staceys and finished up the night at the Allens of course. really good sunday, we were moving nonstop the whole day.

Easter celebration summary: a walk around the church building with presenters in a few rooms, talking about the life of christ, the Atonement of Christ, a room that depicted the tomb and garden, an eternal families room and a community art room. all of the rooms were loaded with images of the savior, so many paintings. there was music and the missionaries basically just walked groups from room to room and answered as many questions as possible.

This week was absolutely loaded. So many great opportunities to serve, grow and learn. I am so thankful for my time here in Georgia and to celebrate my transition to my 20's. I am excited to see where my life goes in the near future, and I am excited to continue my mission here in the whitewater ward. the work is good, and so is the weather.

it will be sad to see Elder Niebergall go. I learned alot this transfer about being a leader, humility, working hard and maintaining a distinct personality while still being an obedient missionary. Very valuable lessons. Still dont have trailer backing down yet, but ill get that soon. ive gained overalls, a knife, a few new calluses on my hands, a lot of new friends, and a friend on date for baptism. successful transfer? all signs point to yes 😂

but time for victim number 7😈 yall will find out next week who he is.


write soon,

yours truly,

Elder Austin Smith
1221 Peachtree station circle
Peachtree City, GA 30269


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