April 15, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Benjamin Niebergall

Season 6, episode 5

Goooood morning sports fans!

just kidding, thats not what yall are here for, we're here for an uplifting and exciting email about the gospel and a little bit of sports, so lets get to it.

Monday-- pretty plain jane monday(sidenote, who was the first boring Jane that inspired that saying? hope shes doing well). played ball, shopped, had dinner at the Groenigs and had a good off day.

Tuesday-- had a real slow morning, and accidentally deleted all of my music trying to clean up my phone so that was frustrating, but then we got to go with Elder Read to take a bunch of the missions broken furniture to the dump. ended up filling up the truck bed and trailer completely full. then he took us back to twisted taco for lunch 😈later we met with Deanna and her son Devin, who have a complicated history with the church but they wanted to learn from the missionaries to learn before diving back in head first. we went over the basics of the Restoration and left them with some things to read. they really enjoyed our teaching style and are excited to hear the rest of the lessons. they are great. they also know a TON about the Book of Mormon musical, so for better or worse they knew a decent amount.

Wednesday-- Pretty boring morning. first exciting thing we did was drive through a big muddy puddle on the way to meet with someone i hadnt met yet. she wasnt home, so we hit the library so Elder Niebergall could write his talk and that gave me time to recover all of my music(for those of you that were concerned. i know there was atleast one of you) . Afterwards,we met with Roderick and had a sweet lesson. we talked about life and his goals and what he wants to do and we ended up committing him to baptism! im so excited for him, he has such a bright future. then we saw David, and he gave me a sweet book that talks about the old testament in depth and has like historical/archaeological(i didnt spell that right the first time) facts to go with the OT stories. super cool. super nice man. we had dinner at the Methodist church and had a good time with them. Also had a cool moment where God took my bloodsugar into manual mode to save me a disrupting moment, really really cool. Prayers are heard and answered, everyone.

Thursday-- had a district council to start the day. learned a new way to weekly plan. its really simple and the whole mission will do it so we are all on the same page. Then we got to help the Moyes with their dock. we loaded up some wood, got me some overalls (they are good lookin) and had a good time with Pablo. then they took us to a chinese restaurant for dinner. also had a moment with an alligator snapping turtle. super freaky looking, i didnt pick it up, mostly cause it looked like a real life Bowser but i did take a picture. but i had only ever seen one on TV so it was cool to see one in real life.

Friday-- Service day at the Jeffords. moved dirt, tilled earth, had a great indian lunch, chopped at a massive stump and had a good time. we had dinner with the Daniels, and Brother Daniel is from Aurora! s/o to Illinois. this summary makes it sound like we did nothing all day but we did a alot of work. it was a good time

Saturday- -went back to the Jeffords to try and put the final stake in this projects heart. tried to remove the stump, laid a ton of boundary wire for his robot lawn mower and pretty much put a bow on it. we are going to go back one day this next week and finish it all up without telling the Jeffords cause they will be gone for like 3 weeks. so shhh. no one tell them, its a surprise. had dinner at the Reese's, and had a lesson with courtney and nick and their 3 very loud and loving dogs. one took a nap on me while we were there and the other 2 barked and kept walking by looking for my attention. fun lesson.

Sunday-- had a ward council, and then i got to watch all of the other missionaries do something in sacrament while i sat on my own😂2 spoke and one played the piano and i got to relax and hang around, kinda like Marshawn lynch on a golf cart at Cal. after church there was a potluck, and then we got to teach Deanna and Devin again. they are such a joy to teach and they read what we ask them to and they come to church and it is just wonderful. then we had our beloved Allens for dinner. she coordinated with my mom and had a fantastic meal of salmon, shrimp, potatoes and a childhood favorite carrot cake😭they are the best. the world needs more Allens. stopped by the Moores and that was pretty much our whole sabbath.

this week was a such a good one. i fear i sound repetitive, but the weeks fly and they are all great. There is truly nothing to complain about while on the Lords errand. Growth and good times are all you get.

I am excited for the week ahead. Today is my last day of being a teenager, we have a surprise service day and I get to go back to Decatur on friday night and the temple on Saturday. truly a juggernaut of a week.

I love being a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Sharing blessings with others, doing service, and helping others gain not only immediate happiness, but eternal happiness, is a privilege and a blessing. Ill never get an opportunity like this again. kinda scary, considering how fast it is going by.

hope yall have a great week! stay safe, stay blessed, read the Book of Mormon, write soon, and if youre in Chicago, send ya boy some snow:,)

All the best

Elder Austin Smith


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