April 8, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Benjamin Niebergall

season 6, episode 4

What a week yall. A slow and fast week at same time. Inexplicable, really. Let's jump right in.

Monday-- started the day doing some service at the Peachtree City building, basically being a branch of the food bank we usually help. We unloaded, organized and reloaded orders of food and drinks into people's cars from a trailer. It was a good time. After we went to a park for Zone pday, where nearly all of the elders played ball, and the sisters did what sisters do. This park rim was a little shorter than 10, so a few of us were feeling like Vince Carter in his prime in between games, just with a much more basic dunk package. Good time though, after 8 months in the mission I finally feel like I know a decent amount of humans in the zone. After we shopped, called home, emailed and chilled out for the rest of the night. Scooped up Fayetteville 3 for exchanges.

Tuesday-- started our day taking our last trip in the old truck down to the sketchy gas station with good food. Then we went to the food bank with most of the district. Loaded a lot of trucks and trailers and had a good time. After, Elder Suyak and I got dropped off in Fayetteville for our exchange. We cleaned up and studied, and then took off on BIKES! My favorite 😅 went and did a comp study in downtown Fayetteville, rode to a church that has lady doctor madame apostle, but she wasn't there. Then we rode to dinner, which took forever and afterwards I broke the bike I was riding (don't worry mom it wasn't mine) so the APs picked us up and that was pretty much the day. Took a little spin in the new truck when we got back.

Wednesday-- service full Wednesday. We started with a crazy concoction of energy, which included a redbull, emergen-cee, a zip fizz energy powder and some form of recovery powder. Crazy. My inner Steve Irwin came out to play, as I caught another snake and a frog. We slung dirt, tilled the earth(just like the nephites), hung out with JJ, rolled tarp, threw wood, ate seeds, and most importantly we were safe and had a good time. JJ and I talked alot and he had some killer quotes. Funny 2 year old. I'll include pics and quotes later. We had Thai food for dinner and I haven't been so full in a LONG time. Dessert was coconut ice cream on top of coconut rice and it changed my life. Started exchanges with the APs.

Thursday-- had a good morning, and started the day with a comp study at the Kroger with Elder Dunn. Had a good discussion and learned some from him. After we ate, and got ready for interviews with President and Sister Clayton. Had our district council, and interviews went well also. Got challenged to do a few things and was told a few things for the future, so that was exciting I suppose. After a slew of things I don't want to type, we went to visit Rod where we met his neighbor Darwin. He was super nice and had lived in Salt Lake for a few years and absolutely loves the church. Really cool conversation, he said he wants to come to church soon. Tried to talk to Rod, but he was a full scrooge and a half, so then we went to get our dinner. Had a dinner dropped off, and then we went to the ward potluck. Ended our night there.

Friday-- today was my favorite day by far. Started normal, and then we took off for the mission office and then the sheds, and then for Rome sweet Rome. Not italy, sadly, just the North Georgia one. The sisters up there have had a broken washer for the last month, so we took up a new one and swapped them out and got it all set up. It was like 2 and a half hours one way, so pretty far. On the way up I ended up ripping out my insulin pump site, which seemed fine, I'd just not eat until we got back. Easy enough right? Well the sisters had fresh biscuits so I took one. Drove back down to Kennesaw!! To see Laurie, someone both Elder Niebergall and I had taught in the past. We visited and had a good time, it was so good to see her. She was like my first friend in Georgia. Then we saw the Ogdens, and one of their kids has an ice cream business, and he gave me coconut and heath ice cream. So good, but still no insulin. With a skyrocketing blood sugar, we went to the Mills(they have a diabetic son) and they had a spare clean syringe❤️got shot up, and then he took us to chick fil a. Then we drove home, stopped at a tractor supply store and then made it to the sheds, and finally the apartment. Full road trip in the new truck, got to see some of my Kennesaw favorites and do service. ¡Que Un Dia!

Saturday-- got snacks for conference, and then it began. Watched the first, then visited Mike, then the next one, and then a sweet meal at the Forsyths. Had a dessert that blew my mind: Graham cracker with a piece of chocolate on top, topped with a hearty scoop of cookie dough that had a marshmallow in it. When it bakes it flattens down into a cookie and the final product brings a reaction similar to the crowd when Wilt Chamberlain or MJ did their first free throw line dunk. Mesmerizing. Priesthood session at night.

Sunday-- Had brunch at the Allens❤️and played some around the world "table tennis" (not ping pong) and then went to the church for conference again. Went to the Rineers for lunch and the afternoon session, and got to hold a smaller, more gray and more curly Jordan, but it's name was Mojo instead. Then we visited a man named Jack and his son JT. Saw more guns, knives and other fun sharp things than I've seen my whole mission. Got to hold em too😎left with deer meat, and visited the Moores where I saw more of the same. Cool afternoon. Then home for reports and what not.

I think everyone was expecting changes with General Conference, to be honest I was too, but life will move on without them.

im excited for the week to come, we have service planned and some lessons and the weather has been nothing short of beautiful. the pollen cleared up and the allergies are nowhere to be seen(knock on wood) and life is so so good.

i forgot to start the Book of Mormon read along, but if you read this and are down shoot me a message and ill start a smaller group email of people that are diggity down to hear elder smiths interpretations and thoughts about the scriptures and to share their own thoughts😎

i hope yall have been safe and blessed, and i hope to hear from yall soon:,)


elder Austin Smith
1221 Peachtree station circle
Peachtree City, GA 30269


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