April 1, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Benjamin Niebergall

season 6, episode 3

Hey yall! This week's email will be short. I'm coming home this week. We got caught at Buffalo wild wings on Sunday watching the Kentucky game by our mission President. He stayed til the end of the game and even had one of my wings, but then he showed me my ticket on his phone. Total bummer, and not even worth it cause UK lost.

April fools, you beautiful children of a loving Heavenly Father. Kentucky may have lost, but we stayed winning this week. You always win when you're on the Lord's team.


Monday-- Rolled out of bed and drove like 15 miles to a gas station. Sounds weird, but they are famous for their homemade sausage, so we went and got biscuits and it did not disappoint. Then we played ball and emailed and did the other regular pday things. Had dinner at the Groenigs, and I got to pet a half blind dog.

Tuesday-- exchanges day. Started with a district council, did a few role plays, and then someone brought some DANGEROUSLY good muddy buddies. Think Ray Lewis, OJ Simpson, or Magic Johnson at a barbecue in the Everglades with no bugspray. Then Elder Kendrick and I planned out the day: blow miles, and visit people. We did a lot of both, and had a really good time. Nothing too crazy from the day, other than I got to drive the truck around so that was fun.

Wednesday-- Really good day. Set the tone with studies, and then went to the doctor to do blood work. Shannon told me I had a "strong vein." yeah, I do my 30 minutes every morning. Picked some things up from the mission office and then stopped in the hardware store to look around, and got a sweet sticker and a metal cross necklace piece from an employee for free. Shout out to Steven. Weekly planning, and then we went to visit Ken, and he wasn't home, but a less active family next door was, so we had a good chat with them. We stopped to help a lady pick up trash in the neighborhood cause she was all by herself, and then we went and talked with a man named Duck. Like the water fowl. At least that's what he goes by. Had dinner at the Moyes, and they bought me an Arizona drink to go with my steak<3 such sweethearts. Then we did a comp study at the Starbucks where we got "The Mormon list" of things that we can drink there that we'd actually like. Basically milkshakes but I'm not mad.

Thursday-- at least one of yall was wondering where all the service was this week, most of it was Thursday. Spent almost the whole day at the Jeffords moving dirt and making his yard look real nice. Had a lunch break, pizza with Mike, and then back to more dirt. We moved about 8 yards worth, tilled part of the yard, and dug up some bricks that were hidden in his garden beds. Japanese style steaks for dinner (s/o Sis Jefford) and then we went home and passed the h*ck out.

Friday-- spent probably an hour trying to get the trailer lock off of the mission trailer, ended up breaking it even more than it was already broken. we took hammers, screwdrivers, feet, nails, everything we could think of but we still couldnt get it off. Still helped Elder Kone, just without the trailer. Got Panda for lunch, then we helped our neighbor move in the heaviest washer I have ever tried to lift. It was insane, I felt like a wimp trying to get it from the truck to the second floor. Shout-out to appliance dolleys. Had a lesson with David later and visits with him are so nice. We ended up sharing the articles of faith with him and he loved it. He is such a nice man. Got free Starbucks from our friends and that was pretty much the end of the night.

Saturday--tried to make it a full service Saturday but we had some cancellations. Started off the day cleaning up a cemetery, basically raking and moving sticks, and in the process I caught a snake and 2 scorpions! I think I've started to fulfill my childhood dream of being Steve Irwin(rip) with the turtles last week and the other two Saturday. Pics later. Got twisted taco and it was wonderful, and then we had a lesson with Rodrick. Super cool guy, we answered a lot of questions and kinda found out his intentions with us and it was good. Stopped by the Turners, and got a small impromptu dinner, then had a comp study, and then our real and scheduled dinner at the Moores.

Sunday-- Rodrick came to church with the Turners today which was sweet. He seemed to enjoy it and he wants to bring his daughter with him next time. Went to the Purdys for lunch, then visited the Taylor's and Goorskys, and then we had a lesson with John and Candy. This was right after I found out Kentucky lost and they are HUGE Auburn fans. He was an athletic trainer there and worked with THE Sir Charles Barkley, Bo Jackson, and numerous other famous Auburn athletes. So it was traumatic to be in their Auburn decked home immediately after they ruined my life (temporarily). But we got to know them and had a good time over there. Then we went to the Allen's for our weekly family time and enjoyed it very much. Puppies, camp fires and ribs, who could complain? Probably PETA, but we won't tell them.

Overall this week was really good. I believe we had roughly 9 dinners in about 7 days? Funny math, but we are not complaining. Started the farmers tan off strongly, and it is only going to get worse.

We had some good lessons this week that complimented our hard work and service this week. Making friends and then sharing the gospel with them is such a valuable and sweet way of doing missionary work. I feel like I am making lifelong friends and the best part is I get to share what has blessed me so much. It is so cool to see our hard work being rewarded with blessings.

Springtime in Georgia is really confusing. like many other places, the temperature fluctuates greatly(anywhere from 35-80 degrees) and everything is covered in thick yellow pollen. apparently its really bad this year, but it gets all over our everything.

but i love Georgia and missionary work all the same. Serving is a pleasure, and I cant imagine being anywhere else right now.

hope yall have wonderful spring breaks,

stay safe, stay blessed, and dont forget to write your favorite elder(even if its not yours truly:,)


Elder Smith
1221 Peachtree station circle
Peachtree city,GA 30269

ps ill be writing til about 9 tonight EST, we had service this morning so our pday is extended until the end of the day. Hope to hear from yall soon!


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