March 25, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Benjamin Niebergall

Season 6, episode 2

Gooooooood morning !

this week was a fun one, lots of things going on and just enough time to enjoy it. here. we. go.

Monday: Guess what's back, back again. Pdays back, tell a friend.
In the wise edited words of Eminem, this week started off pretty good. Had a relaxing morning, called mom for a good minute and then we were off to email and play ball. Later in the evening we had dinner with the Kennedy family, who has known my family since we lived in Kentucky (3.5 millenia ago) so it was cool to be with them even though I didnt really remember them. Great meal, even better people.

Tuesday: slow morning that led into a district council. This district is huge, 12 missionaries strong. Afterwards Sister Bacon gave me a hair cut, and then we went to move a few trees in President Clayton's yard. Moved some HUGE rocks that were right in the way of the hole I was supposed to dig. Met with reggie, who treated me with some fresh Kool aid and then we had dinner with the Hammonds, who sadly are Tennessee fans. Bless their burnt orange hearts.

Wednesday: a service filled day. Yee. Haw. Elder Kone picked us up and we hit the gas station for our road trip to the home land (Kennesaw). Took some furniture in, and checked in on another apartment before getting some hard earned BBQ. Went to Brother Jeffords to work on his yard, went and bought 50 bags of dirt, and then spread them out where they were needed. Had dinner at the crocketts, and then did a comp study and lesson at the Kroger with our employee friends. They took a Book of Mormon and said they were coming to church on Sunday!

Thursday: common theme of the week: service. Picked up the Fayetteville Elders and headed to the Midwest food bank. Served for a few hours loading up trucks, and ended up in a wendys with the Jonesboro elders. Did some traditional missionary work and met with Ken and then Rebecca and sat through a lot of construction traffic. Met shelley and Roderick, and had breakfast for dinner with the Caples, who, fun fact, lived in the same ward as my favorite South Carolina Sobas'! Good ol fort mill.

Friday: Did some weekly planning, visited our friend Mike and he gave me a cool license plate, and then visited David on a whim. He was home and we "enlightened" him with the book of Mormon. It was a real good time. Went on a visiting spree in the country hood, and then had dinner with the Hinds. Philly cheese steak and peanut butter cake. Had a good long chat about diabetes as well, they have two T1's so we had lots to discuss.

Saturday: service Saturday😜started at the Moye's, and ripped up their dock like Tom Brady rips apart defenses so we could eventually rebuild it. That should be this next Saturday. But no one fell in, I got to play with their dog barkeley for a minute and then we got Mexican food after, so it was an all around success. the place we went to reminded me of Rancheritos in Logan, so needless to say ya favorite elder was happy. Then we drove back to the Hinds to help them take down a dying apple tree and then take out the stump. Hard work but we got it done in a timely manner. The rest of the day was uneventful, other than we were in the papa John's picking up dinner that someone ordered for us, and a man in his underwear and a coat walks in, does a weird staredown on a few employees, and then turns to leave. As he was leaving he looked at me and said "good luck, fellas." and then couldnt open the push door cause he pushed on the wrong side, and then he used his fist to open it correctly. It was bizarre. The only other guy that was in there that wasn't an employee was with his little daughter and he turned and looked at us and said "I can't judge, look at how I'm dressed" he was in a red Hawaiian shirt, jeans and sandals. It was quite the time in that Papa John's.

Sunday: a good Sunday indeed. Started off by cooking my self a 5 star meal of bacon, grits, eggs and some sausage. Wife me, seriously. Had ward council again, and then we had Caitlin and Adrien(our friends from Starbucks) come to church! It was super cool, they stayed for both hours and seemingly enjoyed it all. Our second hour was a full congregation discussion on depression and anxiety with a guy from LDS family services, so it was pretty cool. The choose to stay video is so powerful, would Def recommend to anyone that needs it or knows someone that does. After church we had choir practice (Ms K if you're reading this, you probably would've been like half proud of me for teaching my companion the music terms in his language. It was tight. I still can't sing btw). Visited a few people, or atleast tried to, and then we had dinner the Rocketts. Great meal and company, they have a daughter who's about to go to Alaska on her mission and I'm not scared to say I'm jealous. Afterwards we went to the Allen's at their request, and ended up having a second dinner,playing with their new puppy Mila, riding in an ugly Ohio state golf cart, catching turtles, racing said turtles, playing a game or two of knockout, then getting a slight update on my bracket. It was a productive afternoon. What a wonderful family, they made me feel right at home <3 visited the moores after that and then headed home for reports and what not.

overall it was a very busy week. Lots of service and there was a lot of dogs to be pet this week. i think i mentioned two but there was atleast 5,along with a few cats. my inner Steve Irwin(RIP King) has been coming out.

we dont have tons of opportunities to teach in this area (yet) but when we do we try to make the most of them. Lots of teaching opportunities come after we make friends with them (example:david) so its really not too bad. my hope is that the longer i am here, the more connections i can make and the more people i can share part of the gospel with until they hear all of it haha.

i hope all of yall have had some wonderful weeks filled with blessings and basketball. mine had a little bit of both, but mostly blessings (a few in the form of basketball <3) I love being in Georgia and today i am at 8 months exactly! 1/3rd of the way done , and it feels like i started yesterday. time flies when you're serving the Lord huh?

in order to make these emails a little more interactive/applicable, i had an interesting idea. of those who read these emails(not sure how many tbh) who would be interested in like a Book of Mormon read along? i dont know how it would work, but maybe a few chapters a week, and then on pdays we could email back and forth our thoughts/interpretations/ real life applications. i dont know but it could be cool for those who have read it before and also for those who have never even seen a copy of the book in their life or just want to learn more about what their favorite elder is sharing for 16 more months. just a thought, yall will have to let me know

I LOVE YALL and i hope your weeks are filled with good brackets and blessings.

pray for me(or write a letter:,)

all the love,

elder smith
1221 peachtree station cir
peachtree city, GA 30269


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