March 18, 2019


Whitewater ward, Peachtree City GA


Elder Benjamin Niebergall

Season 6, episode 1 The land of milk and honey??

Oh how the turn tables

Shout out Michael Scott, Dundler Mifflin, and the state of Pennsylvania, but that's not why we're here

This week was filled with blessings and lots of changes, and you already know it was about as fast as Usain Bolt in the Olympics. in the spirit of my favorite non christmas holiday, sports analogies are back. Let's go.

Monday-- pretty regular morning, no shopping cause transfers, but then we went out to play some football. We met up with 4 other sets of elders in a park in Atlanta, and it was a lot of fun. Made me miss my Wheaton North days a lot, except my hamstrings did not miss football in the days following. Din din with the Hopkins, and then my fare well to Kingsley and the boys. Sad night, but I'm excited for them to continue to grow from a distance

Tuesday-- pretty not traditional day, actually. Had a district council and spent some time as a district. Got a good lunch, spent like an hour trying to send a box home, tried to see Kiera, cleaned up the old apartment and worked on our area book. Had a good night and finished up my packing. Pretty bland day, but a much needed one.

Wednesday-- transfer day. Had breakfast at the Potts, put the final touches on packing and hit the road for Peachtree City. Lots of new missionaries, and I'm staying down here! I'm now in the White Water ward! Peachtree City, Fayetteville and Senoia are now my area. I'm with Elder Niebergall, and I am pumped to be here. We do lots of service, eat a lot of food and have a good time. We did a lot of driving, ate dinner at a methodist church and got to hang out with some older folk, and they all had perfect southern accents. I loved it.

Thursday-- slower day, but ran a few errands in the morning, taste tested as much as we could from the cheese bar in Kroger (thanks Lisa), and then drove around to meet a few people from the area book. Met Mike and then Dave, two older gentlemen and had a good time. Mike had a dog that left a handful of fur on the couch. Visited a few members after knocking some doors and then helped the Relief society set up an activity and they gave us unlimited salads as payment 😎

Friday-- zone conference. Got up early to make sure we weren't late. Elder Carlos A Godoy from the Presidency of the 70 came and gave trainings and it was super cool. He is from Brazil and had a sweet accent and was pretty funny. Made our way home, did our weekly planning which took forever because Niebergall had to explain every person in the area book to me. But we set some good goals for the area and for our selves and are excited to work. Rest of the night was normal, dinner from the Rocketts(I know, right?) some studies and a work out

Saturday-- the new elders we live with work in the mission office, their assignment is brand new, but since their Pday is Saturday we are allowed to go shopping with them on their pday rather than them on ours. Did that, and then waited for Elder Kone, the housing coordinator, to come pick us up to help him. He takes the truck that the office elders drive and takes us to do the brute work of moving furniture from sheds to trailers to apartments and back again. So we spent most of the day moving some elders Into a new apartment. After, we stopped at a Chinese restaurant and we happened to sit down right as the Kentucky game was starting:,) what a happy coincidence. Ate some good food, caught 15 min of my favorite team and my boy Tyler Herro splashin 3s and headed back. Dropped off Elder Kone and then the trailer, and then changed for dinner with the Moores. Hilarious family, had Haitian food and pet a big smelly dawg.

Sunday-- had a ward council that wasn't a total waste of time, and then a good set of meetings for church. This ward is big and active and young, so that's different. Met some people from the area book after church, and set up appointments for the future so we are excited about that. Had dinner with the Stacey's and that was basically it for the night

Here's a few fun facts about the area I'm living in and how things are different:

1. The mission office and home are now nearby, as well as most of the senior couples in the mission, so we will be able to help them and such much more. Helping elder Kone should be a near weekly occurrence

2. Senoia, GA is where the walking dead is filmed! So if anyone is a die hard, let me know and we can get some pics for ya :,)

3. Peachtree city is the unofficial golfcart capital of the world. They are EVERYWHERE and they have paths for them all over the place and they even have bridges for them over busy roads. It's incredible.

I think that's all I have for today. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to serve in a different part of Georgia now. It's a stark contrast from the Decatur area but I am happy to be here and I look forward to serving the people here and growing more as an individual. I know that the gospel is for everyone, and being able to share it 24/7 for now about 16 more months is such a blessing. I love and miss yall and pray for you often! Keep me updated, and feel free to ask me questions or just let me know how life is outside of Georgia. If love to answer questions weekly as a part of this email, so fire away if you please!!

Talk soon yall, stay safe and stay blessed,

Elder Austin Smith
1221 Peachtree station cir
Peachtree City, GA 30269

New address!! the postal system in peachtree city isnt a total trainwreck like it is in Decatur, so feel free to drop a note!


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