March 11, 2019


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Justin Gilbert

Season 5, episode 6 SEASON FINALE: The Fall of East Atlanta Santa

Ladies and gentleman, what a week. You guessed it, it was a fast one, but a real solid one. Let's get going

Monday-- pretty blah day. Went to the worst mall in America, and had an above average member dinner.

Tuesday-- Elder Gilbert had to do some college prep so I spent a few hours finding new background Pics for my phone off the LDS media library. Marta'd to a few appointments and they bailed, and then ended up at Jerry's and he said that he needed us that day so that was super cool. We read first Nephi 1 to get him started on the Book of Mormon and then we took marta home.

Wednesday-- Had a district council at the ponce, gave a short training on humility. Had cookout for lunch (🔥 🔥 🔥) and then watched some of the new safety videos the church made for missionaries. Did some knocking, had some appointments cancel, and then did some more knocking. Had Bible study at the end of the night and that was it

Thursday-- took marta, walked a mile to out appointments house, then he asked if we could do the next day, and then we walked the same mile back, and then took marta home. Later we took marta back home again except this time we were joined on the train by the single most smelly human being of all time. It was quite literally eye watering. That's not that important but I thought I'd share. Nothing else notable about the rest of the day.

Friday-- Friday was not the best. I didn't write a lot in my journal, but the short version is that we wasted time on marta and in our car going to appointments that didn't happen, weekly planned, then set up for basketball and we had an absolute no show. Brutal night, I was pretty mad at the time.

Saturday-- had a good time at Brother Yanceys cemetery in the morning. Chopped down a small tree and then a massive one. Then we had exchanges, so Elder Wihongi and I went off to east Atlanta and had a bunch of missed appointments, and then a real appointment with a guy named Mack. We taught him about the Restoration of the gospel and where the book of Mormon comes into play. He seemed to enjoy it and said he would read this upcoming week, so that's always good. Got to coordinate some free pot pies from a person in the ward, then give a blessing to someone that needed it, and then do some clerical work calling people to invite them to church the next day while we ate some fan-flippin-tastic wings and Philly cheese steak. We also had transfer calls and your favorite elder is OUT. so rip the East Atlanta Santa. It was a good run.

Sunday-- lost an hour of sleep, super lame. Had ward council, and had Cynthia ( a new person being taught) come to church and it was a good last Sunday. Making a quiet exit, that's for sure. Made our way to Mama Masons for a last meal and come follow me lesson. Truly an angel, I'll miss her. Donny money bailed, we followed up with a few former people being taught and then we ran into the WING TRUCK at a gas station, so we hopped out and got his card so the missionaries can get ahold of him and teach him. Super tender mercy to end the day on. Started packing, and I HATE it.

So it was a little up and down this week, but thats missionary work for ya.

im sad to be leaving Decatur and the Twin Oaks ward. Ive learned alot here about my self and about people and about the gospel. im grateful that i had a chance to serve near Atlanta and to serve the people of this wonderfully diverse and wild city. It was a good run.

Im grateful for this chance to serve the Lord and to invite others to come to know Jesus Christ. sometimes i feel like i am learning just as much as our investigators are. its been a wonderful experience and im almost a third of the way done! Time absolutely flies!

I hope yall have had great weeks, wherever you may be! be safe, stay blessed, and keep me updated!

Love yall!

Elder Austin Smith

ps my address will change so i will send that in next weeks email. send me your address if youd like a handwritten personal letter:,) would love to write yall


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