March 4, 2019


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Justin Gilbert

season 5, episode 5-- faster than De'Aaron Fox on a basketball court

Whoever thought itd be funny to hit the fast forward button after last weeks email had better cut it out. I'm sick of this, week's flying by in a day and a half, its way too fast. Let's get into it, we have blessings to talk about. 😈😎

Monday-- really lazy pday, much needed. Emails, haircuts, the usual. Din din with the Ojedas which was really just steak and shake and it was much better than I remember. Would recommend.

Tuesday-- When I tell yall that the allergies hit harder than Dwight Howard in the 2007 dunk contest, boy oh boy did they come on strong. Anyway, did some family history and found some ancestors to do baptisms for, then went to an apartment complex that was named after me. Didnt have an overwhelming amount of success, but we met with a few members that lived nearby and knocked on quite a few doors. Best part of the day was dinner with the Sandalls. Really enjoyable meal and company.

Wednesday-- Service!! Score! Went to district council at the Potts apartment and had a wonderful meal and council, and then went to the mobile food pantry to help out. The food it's self isn't that mobile, it's just called that cause it ends up being a drive through rather than a store. It's pretty cool. Had a brief moment to change and then we were off as a district to a dinner with the Garners, and then we went to Bible study class at the church. No Donny Money but it was still good. Also the allergies were still hitting as hard as Jadaveon Clowney against Michigan. Brutal. Un-shout out to dogwood trees.

Thursday-- started the day with a lesson with Clifton that was kind of a rollercoaster. At first he was politely questioning why we want to keep meeting with us, then he asked a ton of questions trying to almost Bible bash with us, and then by the end he asked why he should read the Book of Mormon, and in turn we said "why wouldn't you" (obviously more eloquently) and then he said "you right" (also more eloquently) and said he'd read and that we should come back in a week. Pretty sweet. Rest of the day was less significant, other than some family history with Regina so she had names for the temple, and dinner at Jburger and wings. V good end to the night with those two events.

Friday-- the Lord is SO good yall. Lemme tell ya. Started off in a slightly dumpy apartment complex, seeing some people that had met with missionaries previously and I spot a fellow with a basketball from like half a complex away. In the scriptures we are promised as missionaries that if we open our mouths they will be filled, so with that in mind I stuck my hand up and hollered at this guy so we could talk to him. He said he was down to ball with us that night and that he would bring friends. Super cool, but I had a little doubt. The rest of our day was blah, knocking on doors that didn't open and then we had a meal with the Vanderhorsts. Great meal, but the news after was better. A youth was going to get 2 of the boys we were teaching and they guy from earlier(Cory) called us to say he was coming. Well we get there, and there's Cory with 4 friends waiting at the church to play ball! Moola, Zack, keke and Yoshi came and we balled for like 2 hours with a few others. It was so much fun, and at the end we had a spiritual thought about Ether 12 27 (if you don't know it, look it up it's a good one) and Cory seemed really into it. Thrilling. My idea of a basketball and Bible study is picking up steam and I am just basking in it. It is so cool to see two of my favorite things (ball and God) combine.

Saturday-- Service Saturday. Helped Brojeda move from 9-1:30 across him complex, and scored a stepping stone and some free glasses(like cups). Ate and got ready, had a person bail on a lesson, and then we got changed for another move. Helped them for about an hour, and then Sister Smith had all of the elders over for air fried chicken. If anyone knows me and my burger king story, we nearly had a repeat. 9 drumsticks and some potatoes and broccoli and rolls. We had to clear all of it and no one else could, so I had to take one for the team. Great chicken. And I don't know if it's a brag or a self loathing moment to say that I ate 9 drumsticks, but I enjoyed every last bite and had minimal regrets, all things considered.

Sunday-- interesting day to say the least. Had a good start, although I was more tired than I've been in a long time. Could have to do with the chicken. Hmm. Had a real enjoyable time at church, and then ended up at mama masons for some come follow me. We discussed Matthew 6 and then she surprised us with a pork roast dinner, which was much needed cause ya boy was getting outrageously cranky at the end of my fast. I was a mean old scrooge. We took it to go, broke our fast in our own apartment and then went off to Donny Money. We got in there and kinda interrupted a little family party, but we got settled and talked the Plan of Salvation, and they were so down. Everyone asked great questions and got a full understanding of what we were talking about. At the end, Donny and Drika and Rasheed all asked what steps it would take for them to get baptised and it was so so so cool to hear. They really get what we are talking about and why it's so important and it just makes my heart swell. They are so awesome and I'm so excited to see how they continue to progress in the gospel.

The last couple weeks I have been writing a ton about each day, so I apologize for those of you that like a faster read but these weeks are just filled to the brim with good stuff.

Life is so good down in Georgia. The weather is whack, but the work is good and so is the food. We get to teach, play ball, eat good food and overall serve the Lord and make people's lives better. Not much more a young man can ask for.

im not sure why I started all of the sports analogies but i am a fan and i think they will be here to stay. not sure yet.

I hope for those of you that read these emails (I assume there's atleast a couple at this point) that if you have questions about me, what im doing, or the Church that you don't hesitate to write an email or a letter to ask. This is what we do full time, so it won't be a bother and I would love to enlighten you about a mission or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints.

I hope all of yall have blessed weeks, and that you are safe and warm and doing well. Hope to hear from yall soon!


Elder Austin Smith
100 Woodberry pl
Decatur, GA 30034


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