February 25, 2019


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Justin Gilbert

Season 5, episode 4

I am so scared yall. These weeks are way too fast and they show no signs of slowing down. I cannot believe it is Monday already. It was a good week as usual, so I won't dilly dally

Monday-- Mondays are still back. Shout out Pardon My Take. Anyway, had the chance to go to the Atlanta Temple on Monday and it was a great experience. Due to the sacred nature of the temple I can't exactly talk details about the experience but I can say that I enjoyed it and that the temple workers invited us to their break room after for snacks:-) then a mess of eating, emailing, basketball and calling home happened. It was a good time, I love the new changes that the church has made.

Tuesday-- would you believe me if I told you I went on exchanges with Elder Kipping again? Well we did. Went and taught a lady named Suzanne about why their must be an opposition to all things in life. We read from the Book of Mormon and she asked a lot of good clarifying questions and was really grateful that we were able to spend some time with her in the scriptures. Then we were asked to give a blessing to a sister named Brownie, who I met last time i was on exchanges with twin oaks 1. She asked me to do it and it was a super tender experience. Taught quite a few people through out the day about the Book of mormon and set some appointments for the future. We taught a lesson to a girl named Kiera with Bro Crane and it went well. We went over the restoration of the gospel and she understood and was happy to meet with us again. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful honestly.

Wednesday-- started the day with pep boys after our studies and what not. They had that show called "the view" on the TV there and that has to be the worst show on television. I'm gla we don't get to watch TV for 2 years haha. Did some family history work and found out that I had some ancestors that lived in Tasmania, Australia, so that was pretty cool. Then we had some failed appointments and some dinner and then Bible study class.

Thursday-- went to teach Melvin (our famous wing truck fellow) and he WASNT home. I was so sad. Then we had President Interviews and a district council that took a super long time. Our new apartment idea got shot down, but not because it was bad, just because there is more news for this area. I don't know if I'm allowed to tell yet but there is fun times ahead for this ward and missionaries. Had a lesson with Jerry who was super MIA for a while. We went over the book of mormon and gave him a large print copy so that he could actually read it. Met with Clifton, and then had dinner at Nardas. Chicken noodle casserole? Just as good as it sounds.

Friday-- had a super whack day. Started off with telling Victoria at the Willis apartment that we can't move in, which somehow took forever. Then we started weekly planning, and got news that we couldn't do basketball at the building we wanted to that night, so we spent forever trying to coordinate a new location. Jerry bailed, and then we handed out fliers for a family history event tomorrow. Lorenzo and his son bailed right before ball so we were pretty down by the time ball started. we had almost no commitments for people coming and we almost mailed it in for the day, but then The Lord was looking out for us. We had like 20 people show up! We played a whole bunch of 3 on 3 and had a good spiritual thought and it made my whole week. We invited like 3 of the people that came, the rest basically showed up not knowing that we'd be there and it all worked out perfectly. It was incredible.

Saturday-- helped set up for the family history event, which in all honesty almost put me to sleep, but we stayed because we thought Regina was going to come but she didnt:/ went to visit a ton of people and didnt have too much happen except we met a lady named Iettia for the second time. She was at her sisters in a different part of our area and we lost contact but we found her again! We also went to teach Jerry again and it was so good. He had actually read what we asked him too and we had a real good discussion about it. He had read the introduction of the Book of Mormon and highlighted a bunch of it and no one EVER does that.

Sunday-- had church and it was ward conference. Then we visited Mama Mason and it was delightful as usual. Then Donny Money came in the clutch with a full family miracle. We went to visit him without an appointment scheduled and we taught the whole fam again. We read Alma 32 and talked about faith and how it is like a seed, and they all said they want to come to church and to grow their seed and it was just super cool. The rest of the day was blah compared to that, so I won't even explain it. But still a good day.

This week went so fast I really don't have too much more to add to this week. I am loving my time here and it is going SO fast. I love yall and am so glad I have a list of people that have signed up to read what I have to say once a week for 104 weeks. It means very much

Have a great week, be safe be warm! and feel free to ask any questions about Georgia or what I'm doing and I can address them personally or to the group if they are widely applicable.

Write soon, much love

Elder Austin Smith
100 woodberry pl
Decatur, GA 30034


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