February 11, 2019


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Justin Gilbert

Season 5 episode 2 mid season transfer??

Hi, I'm Elder Smith. I'm 19 years old, my favorite color is blue, and I LOVE long walks on the streets of South Decatur😍

This week could not have been scripted any more strange, by us or by mother nature. Truly bizarre, if you couldn't tell by my opening line, but you already know it was a good week.

Monday-- really fun Pday. Got up and went to the zoo! 4 elders and a bunch of animals made for an entertaining afternoon. I'll attach some pics of the animals cause ya boy got some good ones. Then we emailed, goodwill hunted (scored big time) and then went to Kingsleys for our evening. Some other elders from Northpoint stayed the night for ZC.

Tuesday-- zone conference down in Conyers. Had a good time there, learned alot about effective studies. Didn't do too much traditional missionary work, did some studies and planning and then packing for transfers with the Zone leaders. Had a dinner at the mall and the little japanese ladies at "little Tokyo" totally finessed me into buying an overpriced takeout tray of chicken and rice, but atleast i got free water refills :,) heard a lot of entertaining stories from Elder Hyde and Lindhart about hunting and other things you do in Idaho for fun

Wednesday-- this may sound repetitive in reference to every other email I've ever sent, but we had some good food in Conyers today. All homemade. I'll quickly recap. Biscuits and gravy, a Mac and cheese burger, fully loaded breakfast burritos. In that order. The more important parts of the day were spent knocking doors, meeting a pet pig and his blind Doberman big brother, having fun showing a two year old pictures of the zoo (and mistaking them for things they weren't), and learning lots from Elder Hyde. Always a good time.

Thursday-- here's where things get extra funky. Remember the accident Elder Woodard and Hyde got into last time we had ZL exchanges? And remember the first line of this email? Well the day of reckoning came. Took the car into the shop, walked just under a mile to get marta cards from twin oaks 1, walked the same distance back to the bus stop to then go catch a train, which took us to another bus, that took us 2.5 miles from our apartment. That's as close as we could get. Keep in mind the temp hit 80° freakin degrees and we were walking in the middle of the day. Mother nature has a twisted sense of humor. Cooled down and did some studies and then it was time to bike( my favorite!)(!!!) rode around and knocked and followed up with people and didn't have a ton of luck, but by the end of the day we had walked and biked about 4 miles each. Needless to say we slept pretty good.

Friday-- another funky one. Packed up a ton of stuff since we decided Thursday that we were going to live in the other elders apartment and share their car and marta cards until we got our car back. It's easier to marta into our area from their apartment than it is from our apartment. Makes almost zero sense but it's okay. Had district council, went and unpacked, ate, studied, planned, weekly planned, and then took marta up to the brockett building for basketball with people we teach. Poor showing, only a few people came this time but we got some good pics (just for you mom❤️) and had a good time.

Saturday-- Started the day on marta. Went to visit a few people in our contacts list, took marta back so we could change into suits for the baptism, and then went to the church to set up. What a spiritual experience. Regina and a sister named Joniya got baptized, and they are both just amazing. They've only known about the gospel for a few months and their testimonies are so strong and pure. It was a pleasure to be a part of their beginnings in the church. Had a comp study in the evening at the Kroger that has a bar in it (yeah, I know) and it was getting rowdy at 8pm!! Some wonderful (terrible) karaoke singers made us finish what we were doing real quick 😂

Sunday-- ward council, then got to be a part of Reginas confirmation. Very cool opportunity. Got the car for the afternoon today which was nice. Tried to teach Donny Money today but he and his fam weren't home, so we did some knocking and just wanted to find one new person this week to teach and we did! Shouts out to Sheryl. After a small meal, we did a car/marta card exchange on the side of a busy road, also shout out to your park anywhere lights. Took marta out to someone the sisters are teaching to move a wardrobe for her. We weren't sure we could do it our selves but thanks to a drill and elder Gilbert's faith (huge muscles) we managed to take care of it. We waited for a bus, literally ran from our bus to the train amazing race style and got in just as the doors closed. It was crazy. Didn't have so much luck with the the next bus, but luckily it was only a 15 minute walk.

Also the Mother nature part of the beginning of this email makes alot more sense when I talk about the weather, but this week started like 50ish, Peaked at 80 on Thursday, and went back to 35 and misting by Sunday. So we never really knew what to wear.

So alot happened this week. Lost the car, moved apartments temporarily, Regina got #dunked, and we got decent documentation of all of it :,) pics will follow shortly

It was a great week, I am loving Decatur, and Elder Gilbert and I are just (Georgia) peachy. It is such a blessing to be a missionary, and I hope I am depicting my life and my take on it clearly. It is SO good. not always easy, but it is such a blessing.

I hope yall are having a blast and staying safe where ever you are. I think of yall often and I pray for the best. Time is just flying by, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Stay safe and stay blessed, and write soon!


Elder Smith

ps my subject line said season 6 last week but we are on 5, i confused my self with months and transfers


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