February 4, 2019


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Justin Gilbert

Season 5, episode 1 East Atlanta Santa the third

Season 5 baby, comin out swingin

Really good week. Transfers, miracles, chicken wings, all of the stuff. Let's get to it

Monday-- pretty regular Monday, except for we taught a lesson (I know, overachieving huh?) and it went well! We taught a man named Hyghe and it was super sweet. He'll be in Florida for the next transfer but it's all good. He's got a Book so hopefully he reads it. Played ball, then Bro Ojeda took us to waffle house for his first time and his last meal with Elder Woodard. Saw Kingsley and the boys and that was basically it.

Tuesday-- had district council and had Krispy Kreme there. Then made a Farewell tray of nachos with Elder Woodard, and did a weekly planning sesh and passed off the area. Tried to visit a bunch of people, and then the VanderHorsts fed us and I about died. So much food.

Wednesday-- transfers! Crazy day, lots of young missionaries training. Elder Woodard is now a zone leader in Dallas and Elder Gilbert joined me in Twin Oaks! Now if you've been paying attention since the beginning, Elder Gilbert was my ZL back in Stilesboro, so it's cool to have him around again. Rest of the day was traveling back and eating basically.

Thursday-- today was weird, we hit 4 different grocery stores for various reasons, tried to visit a ton of people, had dinner with the Adepojus which was actually just Arby's and then a ZLC call. Pretty plain.

Friday-- busy day. Did some family history at the church and Elder Gilbert taught me how to make the computer do it for me. Went a saw a lady named Michelle, and she was super excited to get a book of Mormon. Found a lady named Jo who was super interested in learning about the book of mormon and the church, and then her neighbor named Donny Money! More on him later, but he invited us back sunday to teach his whole fam and all we did was give him a book of Mormon. Found a sweet view of Atlanta from a hilly neighborhood, almost played ball with some hoodlums and talked to a bunch more people. Then got Kingsley to come to the youths video game night. Finessed some pizza and that was the night.

Saturday-- Started the day with a dexcom dumpster fire. Started the new G6 and it doesn't really work on my phone so rip. Customer service didn't do much either. Anyway, missionary work. We taught Regina her last full lesson and finalized plans for her baptism! We are all SO excited for her. After we tried to visit some people and went knocking and it didn't amount to really anything. Went to visit Clifton and he was home! Had a great conversation, and then my whole night was made(even better than it was before). Remember the wing truck man? Yeah, he's back. We went to the neighborhood he's always in for someone else, and we saw him! We failed to get his number last time, but we got his address and set up a time to meet! He seems super interested in learning and I am so excited to teach him. Also, I got a 10 piece wing and nacho combo. Deadly. Great end to the night, it was so cool to be able to set something solid with him.

Sunday-- fast Sunday. And fast Sunday (if you know you know) had a great testimony meeting and Sunday school. Set up a baptismal interview for one of the sisters people cause they're quarantined with the flu, and then planned for the day. Went to visit Donny Money and it was incredible. Taught him his mom and his sister the restoration and they understood and asked Qs and want to know more. They want to grow stronger as a family in all ways, but especially spiritually and they want to read and for us to come back and they even said they'd like to get baptized! It was such a powerful lesson, they are so ready to just jump right in. Did some knocking/visiting and then later we got the other elders and went to mama masons for some food. She was having a ton of people over for the superbowl and so the food was plentiful and I saw like 7 seconds of game play. Great food, even better company. We had to be in early cause of the superbowl was in atlanta so twin oaks 1 slept over. Fun night in.

overall a really good week. it has been a blast being companions with Elder Gilbert and i look forward to the coming weeks of work we have ahead of us.

it has been incredible to see this past week the power of the Book of Mormon. so many people have never even heard of it, and if they have they have a terrible misconception about what it is, and being able to teach people about it and show the blessings it can bring is just such a privilege. im thankful for this time i have to serve, its humbling.

i hope yall have wonderful weeks. chicagoland-- yall stay warm, im not sure i miss that part of home

love and appreciate yall, write soon

Elder Smith
100 woodberry pl
Decatur, GA 30034


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