January 28, 2019


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Hayden Woodard

Season 4, episode 6, Wild Season finale

What is going on email users?!

This week has been all over the place, walking and biking and two days of exchanges in a row, very much not normal, let's take a look.

Monday--for a crazy week, Monday was the most normal day ever. Cleaning, emailing, shopping, a lil basketball, and dinner with the Hopkins. Good day.

Tuesday-- I dont know the primary song that talks about pioneers walking but boy did I feel that. We would've biked but I dont currently have a helmet and I didn't want God to send a truck my way for not following mission rules. So we walked and knocked and walked and knocked some more and on our last door we met a cool guy that I'm excited to teach again. Shout out to Steve the prison minister. Had a great lesson with Regina(to no one's surprise) and slept over at Twin oaks 1

Wednesday-- here we go. Had a district council at the Potts apartment and then used Marta to get back to the church (we LOVE mileage limits). Went to visit Raymond and he pulled up on his apartment as we were walking away, so that was a mini miracle. Had dinner with May, a recent convert, and it was a Thai dish called Palo (almost pronounced pillow). Bible study at the church was awesome, reading in John and lots of testimonies, it was tender. Taught Abraham ( Sis Adepojus dad from last week's email) after that and that was pretty much it.

Thursday-- we had to plan Thursday like 3 times, but after a weekly planning session we biked up to a man named Jasper's house. He wasn't home, so we just knocked on our way back. Met Ms Davis and a man that studies cometic(??) Egyptian? Yeah I don't know either. Stopped at mama masons on the way home, had some hot chocolate and warmed up a bit. Made it home, and went out to meet one more person and he wasn't home, but we knocked his neighbors and had a last door miracle in Dwight! Such a cool story.

Friday-- 6 months!!! Wow! It was quite the half a versary. Started normal, but then we started an exchange with twin oaks 1 and honestly I don't remember why. It'll come to me. So elder Kipping and I took to the skreets via marta mostly. Went to visit a lady, but met Mike instead. We then set out for a lady named Cordyia, and she was home and we had a good long talk with her about the Book of Mormon and about her circumstances. Met Bro Stephenson, an inactive member, and he invited us in across the street and gave us water, a big bag of ties and a ride to the train station! What a guy! Stopped by a few others after dinner and then it was time for some highly anticipated hoops! We had tried to plan some ball for some of the boys we teach for a few weeks now and we finally executed. It was such a fun time, and we had a good spiritual thought. All three sets of missionaries had people they are teaching there so it was a huge success, and is definitely expected to be repeated. OH! We did an exchange so Elder Woodard could interview Abraham for baptism and so I could still do our basketball activity. That was it.

Saturday-- things got weird. Impromptu day 2 of exchanges. Elder Wihongi got to go to the temple with a member from a former area, so In order to keep all the appointments in both areas that were set up elder Woodard went with him and Elder Kipping and I stayed in Decatur. To start the day, some man told us we were selling snake oil with our religion, so that was (not) pleasant. But then we met Brownie(like the food) and she was as much of a treat as her name is! So many good questions and she had even read some of the book of mormon that she took from a Marriott hotel before we got there! So cool. We filled the font for a few baptisms, and had a great lesson with Lorenzo. We blew his mind by telling him that marriage and families can be eternal, or together forever. For those of you that don't know how that works, ask your local missionaries/mormon or me and we can fill you in. It's truly incredible. Had all 3 baptisms, Zelliah and Zellim and Abraham. So so good. Met a few other cool guys later in the evening and then got transfer news. Woodard is officially out, everyone else is in.

Sunday-- for the first Sunday in Twin Oaks I felt at home. It was so comforting. Bro ojeda gave me some sweet dress shoes(pics later) and after some afternoon studies we went to Mama Masons for a come follow me discussion and to visit/ say bye. She made her son buy us pizza and it was a great visit. We visited Jasper and he wasn't super down, but he did let us in which was nice. Din din with two young families and they made us Cafe Rio ❤️ it was delish. One of the families had a young child named Cash and he is adorable, so he was pretty much the star of the show. The rest of the night was uneventful.

So yes, Elder Smith will get his 5th companion in his 5th transfer on Wednesday. I dont think that's necessarily normal, but hey, must be for a reason right?

Change can be hard, but it makes room for a lot more learning. I'm excited to see what this next transfer brings. I learned alot from Elder Woodard and Ashford and I hope the next elder is ready to work, cause we have lots to do.

6 months 100% flew by. I am a quarter done with my mission and I am just in awe. I have learned so much and it has been such a blessing to be out in Georgia, Sharing what has blessed my life so much. I wish yall could be here to see it in real life, it's hard to accurately paint a picture in emails.

I think that's all i got this week! I hope yall stay warm and have great weeks!

Write soon! Address and email are the same still

All of the love

Elder Austin Smith
100 Woodberry Place
Apartment 1107
Decatur, GA 30034


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