January 21, 2019


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Hayden Woodard

Season 4, episode 5

Que un Semana!

No I didn't get switched to a spanish mission, but we did have a good week out here in Decatur. I'll just hop right in.

Monday-- had a fun Pday. Took a nap, emailed with elder Wihongi, and then we went on a goodwill spree. Hit 3 of them and escaped with a tie and a basketball book lol. Met with a guy we helped move a few weeks prior, and he talked alot about politics. Then we went to Kingsleys and had a good ol time.

Tuesday-- nothing too notable about the morning, but in the afternoon we met a Prophet! His name is Prophet Kaphaph and he is "the first renown rapper ever to rap in tongues and give the interpretation in rap".... He told us that we didn't have the Holy Ghost cause we couldn't speak in tongues and then he played us one of his songs and gave us his card. I'll attach a Pic. Then we had a lesson with Regina.
"so do you have any questions or concerns about anything you've been reading"
"no, no questions really... But I would like to set a baptismal date"
For those of yall unfamiliar with missionary work, things like that NEVER happen, so that was thrilling. We are so excited for her, she is a golden person to teach.

Wednesday-- got up and had a district council, and I gave a short training on having effective studies. Went pretty well, but public speaking/presenting isn't my strong suit. Then we went to the mobile food bank and were there for like 5 hours, but it is so fun to help out there. Then Bro Ojeda got us Popeyes before our wards Bible study.

Thursday-- Exchanges with Elder Kipping. Pretty plain morning, talked with tons of people on the way back from our comp study, Elder Kipping is really good at that. Missed an appt with Clifton, and then zoomed out to the west part of our area to visit a bunch of people. Met the sweetest lady ever named Mary Ann(rip Marianne♥️) and she let us right in and gave us cokes and candy and listened to us talk about the book of mormon and said we could come back. She was so nice and also like 90. Super sweet. The rest of the afternoon was pretty regular, talking and driving and trying to teach. The Adepoju family had us for dinner and Sis Adepoju's dad wants to get baptized! Totally random but it was cool to teach him the first lesson and then have a really good African dinner. It was like spicy noodles and veggies and meat. I actually don't know if it was African, but they are so ill assume it was.

Friday-- woke up with a gnarly headache. Made our way to Sister Smiths for some service. I got to get up on the roof and blow off leaves and it was super fun. Stressful cause it was a foggy morning so the roof wasn't exactly dry, so that gave me an adrenaline rush a few times so my headache went away. Tied up my shoes tight and used my hands and cleaned off the roof and made it down safely. Then she air fried us some drum sticks and they were heavenly. We weekly planned, and then taught Regina again. She is so converted and confident in her decisions, it is such a treat to be a part of her conversion. The power of the Book of Mormon is so real.

Saturday-- Honestly for Saturday I don't have anything super specific to share. We visited a ton of people and found a couple new people to teach but until they make an appearance in our lives again I'll leave them nameless, but there is a lot of potential. Visited a couple people later in the night who we hadn't seen in a while and it was good to touch base with them again. Pretty weird day, just flew and dragged on at the same time.

Sunday-- Regina came to church (obviously) and the 2 hour church block is really growing on me. Went and saw Mama Mason and did Come follow me with her, which is the new Sunday school book and all of us had soup with her. It was tons of fun. Then we went to visit Alicia and we had a miracle! So a few weeks ago Elder Hyde and I met the guy in the wing/Ice cream truck and gave him a Book of Mormon and didnt think much of it, but we ran into him again today in his loud pink truck and he had read almost 400 pages since the last time we saw him!!! That's more than I've read since then! We gave him our contact info again and I really hope we get to teach him soon. The rest of the afternoon was just okay, visits and then dinner and report calls. Pretty regular.

This week was such a good one. It has been incredible to be able to go out and meet so many different people. That kind of happens every week, but I am especially grateful for this week's experiences. Getting to share the Book of Mormon so much has really increased my appreciation for it because there is so much knowledge and wisdom in it and not every one knows about it.

this is the last full week of the transfer, so on saturday we find out who is staying and who is leaving. im nearly certain ill be staying this time since elder woodard has been here 6 months but i could be wrong, but im assuming ill be here for atleast another 6 weeks.

I am excited for another week in the promised land! there is good work to be done and i am thrilled that i get to be a part of it! have a great week and i will talk to yall soon!


Elder Smith
100 woodberry pl
Decatur,GA 30034


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