January 14, 2019


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Hayden Woodard

Season 4, episode 4

Hey yall!

Pretty good week. A couple rough parts and some wonderful tender mercies. Things never go as planned as a missionary. Ever. The Lord has a funny sense of humor when it comes to our plans sometimes.

Monday-- pretty regular Monday. Emails, shopping, basketball. We had a lady call us to reschedule her appointment for the middle of the day so we met her at the church and gave her a book of Mormon, and she was super excited, so naturally we were too.

Tuesday-- felt like a bum day, but we were just productive in other ways. Went to visit a large amount of people and nothing really happened. We did visit mama Mason so that's always a treat. went to the mall to get a birthday gift for Sister Wilson(different from the one that always feeds us) and the mall as a missionary was so weird. but Went to Sister Wilson for her birthday, who is Kingsley and courtney and Aidans grandma, and they fed us a fast food feast and we got to visit for a while. HUGE Elder Smith miracle, Kingsley gave me a pair of Kobes for free.99 and I am just ecstatic. They are so sweet. They're all going to sign them next time I see them.

Wednesday-- Wednesday was so plain. Did weekly planning, traveled in a burning dumpster across town for a good while, met a division 1 basketball commit who said he'd ball with us (he didn't :( ). And then the whole district sat as a missionary panel for mutual and answered a ton of questions for the youth in the ward.

Thursday-- exchanges with the Zone leaders. Had president interviews in the morning, as well as a district council. I was with Elder Hansen in Conyers for the day, so we drove down there and got to work. Did a comp study to prep for the rest of the day, and then went off to some appointments. Got to teach Melissa about the book of mormon, and I think she really liked it. Had a cop pull up on us after and tell us to come over next time we are in the neighborhood so that was pretty cool. Did some knocking, and some more follow ups but nothing too notable. Pretty standard work. Ended our night just to find out Elder Woodard and Hyde got rear ended right at the beginning of the day, and spent most of their afternoon sorting that out. Que Un Dia para todos. But they also put our friend Jerry on date for baptism! So exciting!

Friday-- got to work in the cemetery with Bro Yancey for a few hours in the morning. Always a good work out and great homemade food from them. Got cleaned up, studied, and things went down hill for a minute. Kingsley courtney and Aidan were all supposed to meet us to play basketball Friday night, but their dad bailed on a ride 2 hours before, so we scrambled and called and prayed but we couldn't get them a ride. So the young men in our ward came and one brought a non member friend so we played for a while and then shared the restoration with him. It was still fun and not a total waste of time and resources, but not what we intended it to be.

Saturday-- weird morning. Jerry wasn't home, even though he is on DATE. Had wendys for lunch, and i only say that cause i had a wonderful maple bacon chicken sandwich. went around to visit alot of people that didnt really want to be visited it turns out, except for tiffany, who we may call at 2:30 am cause thats the only time she is free. Had a great lesson with Lorenzo and Bro Thompson. Bro thompson took over and i think we made alot of progress in getting Lorenzo comfortable with coming to church. Visited a few members we didnt know in the evening and then that was pretty much it for the night.

Sunday-- another ward council where we didnt speak, but two hour church was so cool. Regina came and it was just a really productive time. apparently Regina told a couple people she is about ready to be baptized, but she didnt tell us but we are meeting with her Tuesday so i am so so excited. had a few appointments and nothing really happened, but we met Dems' brother and he is a member and is wanting to serve a mission! so that was super exciting to hear. Dinner at our favorite wilsons hit the spot after a day of fasting and then we had a meeting with a member of the mission presidency about our ward and the atlanta ward and how we can get them more involved in missionary work, since the culture is kind of poor in that aspect. had a sleep over at twin oaks one to end the night.

i am so so excited for this week.i think there are a lot of good things ahead for us. the transfer has about two weeks left and we are pretty sure elder Woodard is going to leave, so i have to be prepared to run this area when he leaves. but we are doing well and it is cold and i feel like i am learning so much.

since coming on my mission, i have had such a new profound love for the scriptures. it turns out, theyre not just for nerds! they have so much wisdom and power and sometimes its just a cool story. there is so much to learn from the bible and the Book of Mormon and i have a year and a half left to learn as much as i can while i do this full time. SO. with that being said, if you read these emails and have a favorite scripture story or passage from the Old or New testament, the Book of Mormon, or the Doctrine and Covenants, please send them my way along with why you like it so i have more structure to my study. if you dont have one, or you dont know half of the books i just mentioned, also talk to me:-) ill fill you in or give you a suggestion, itll be sweet.

have a great week yall, i love and miss ya and i cant wait to hear from you!

God bless, and write soon


Elder Smith
100 woodberry pl
Decatur,GA 30034


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