December 31, 2018


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Hayden Woodard

Season 4, episode 2

What's going on yall! Merry post Christmas!

Christmas out here in Decatur was interesting, but it turned out to be a pretty good day. The weather was and has been very warm, so my body and my Christmas spirit are very much confused.

Also a third of us leave today, Elder Ashford is being picked up at 6, and will be on a plane to London, Johannesburg and then I don't know how to spell the name of the city in Madagascar but hes going there! And then probably taking a jeep or Landover to where ever the mission home is. Pretty exciting stuff, but pray for Elder Woodard cause he's stuck with just me for atleast the next month. Whoops

But here's the week

Monday: pretty regular Pday except for the end. The ward mission leader had all of us over to eat and to have a little Christmas program and that definitely hit me in the feels. Great food though. The ward had a carols and cookies night and it was a blast, but also didnt make me miss home any less. Then we went caroling as a district and it was a good time, cause rich people like to open the door to carolers😜

Tuesday: Merry Chrimuh! Had a fun morning, we had district council where we opened up presents together and had hot chocolate and what not. After we went to a families home for a Christmas lunch and it was so good. Carolled with them to their neighbors and then we were off to Mama Masons. So if you've been paying attention, Mama also had us over for Thanksgiving. But this time it was like a full family reunion, plus us, her "angels" ❤️ such good food, Mama is right when she tells us we are at home there. We ate and visited and then it was time for the main event, calling home. We got to video chat home with our families and that was SUCH a good Christmas present. Made it without tears til our family prayer, then ya boy lost it:,) afterwards we went caroling one last time and it was very enjoyable.

Wednesday: pretty random day. Had lunch with a member and raked some leaves for another. Went and knocked a few doors and let Elder Ashford start his goodbye tour. Pretty uneventful

Thursday: Raked the heck out of a yard in the morning, gave my self some gnarly blisters and found a snake. Did some planning, and then to follow up with people and visited quanyavis and basically said talk to us when you're ready to learn and that was pretty much the day.

Friday: spent a good few hours at the food bank stocking shelves and helping out. Went to teach Reco, and met two whack neighbors instead. Went to the most ghetto place I've ever been and made it out safe with a return appointment, then we set out to visit with some less active members with minimal success, and we wrapped up the night with dinner with a member. She gave us leftover ham from Christmas and that is the easiest path to a missionaries heart.

Saturday: had correlation in the morning, and made Bro sandal cry as a district because of how much good news we had to report. Went to rake a yard of a lady we met on the street and it was great. I got to use a back pack blower and that made my whole day. She fed us and we moved a TON of leaves. Had a lesson with Lorenzo, got to help someone random move and met with a ton of people. Will be interesting to see how they all pan out. Pretty mixed crowd.

Sunday: had a wonderful 3rd hour of just singing hymns. It was great, such a cool 5th Sunday idea. Elder Ashford packed some and we visited some Sunday usuals. Had dinner at the Hopkins and then twin oaks one spent the night.

Sorry this week's email is not the best, we are busy getting Elder Ashford ready for Africa. So next week will be better and more in depth and thoughtful, this week is just crazy.

Send me Christmas cards if yall have extra!

I love and miss yall and am excited for 2019! The whole year I'll be on a mission so thats pretty crazy and exciting.

Be safe and write soon!

Elder Smith


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