December 24, 2018


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Hayden Woodard

Season 4, episode 1

Merry Christmas Y'all!

This last week has been a weird one, even more weird than last week. I'll do my best to keep it short so y'all don't spend too much time reading an email this week.

Monday-- Last Monday was pretty plain, emails, basketall and a little shopping. Nothing noteworthy to report on.

Tuesday-- Started off well, and then after planning for the day and after eating breakfast, elder Woodard decided he wanted to see it again, so that led to us saying inside most of the day. Elder Ashford and I tried to stay productive, we went on an exchange with twin oaks 1 so we could go to a couple appointments and we cleared out our lists of people. The rest of the day was spent going places and going on weird exchanges and letting elder Woodard sleep it off

Wednesday-- After a night of sleeping on the floor at twin oaks 1, we went to the food bank to volunteer. We ended up helping for like 5 hours, which was awesome. After we went home and elder W slept for another while, just cause he still wasnt feeling wonderful. We got news that our son is leaving! Elder Ashford got his visa so he will be fleeing the country (legally) at the end of this month. So crazy. So we celebrated with chick fil a. Had a sweet lesson with Regina and then Bible study class,. Then I schooled the young men in basketball in my shirt and tie. They couldn't believe it or stop me. It was quite the confidence boost.

Thursday-- Spent like the whole day in the apartment. We studied and started weekly planning, and Elder Woodard just can't hide when he doesn't feel good, so elder Ashford and I sent him back to bed. We made him call the mission nurse when he woke up, and she made him stay inside for the rest of the day and the whole next day just to be safe that he wasn't spreading the flu. I got to leave and go with twin oaks 1 for the next day.

Friday-- unplanned exchanges. Super fun. I went with them because last week we planned out a few days with the youth to play basketball and have a Bible study with their non member friends. So we went and none of the non members came:/ but we had a cool talk with the 3 youth that came about missions and stuff. Then we hit the Kroger for a comp study and then went to visit alot of people. Found some unplanned people to teach in the future, and overall had a really good day. Also got to teach Regina again, she is so close to baptism, it is so exciting for her.

Saturday-- We decided to run to waffle house for exercise this morning, and then proceeded to eat at the waffle house. Then we had to run back, not the best. Almost lost it on the way back. Had a mission call, learned that sisters can wear pants now and that we will be absorbing part of the Macon mission in July! Pretty crazy. Went and taught Alicia and heard an argument in the parking lot and I honestly thought gunshots were next, it was heated. But the spirit was strong in the lesson:) Then we met a bunch of new people, got to help a guy move and we set a bunch of appointments for after the holidays, so that was super good.

Sunday-- pretty fun Sunday. It was a special service for Christmas and oh boy was I blown away. The talent in the Twin oaks ward was surprising. Nothing like Brother Rann on the organ or any of Wheaton Norths productions but it was still pretty good:,) we went out to visit some people after church and ended up talking on the phone for an hour with a member who was upset with us for not getting him a ride to church. Whack. We had time for one other family, and it was a really good visit, and then dinner at the Wilson's again. They feed us SO much food, I always leave a few pounds heavier.

I am so incredibly grateful for this time of year. I can't lie and say this Christmas season has been my easiest one of all time, but it has been my most important. I have learned lots about serving like Christ did and it has made me appreciate Christmas more than I ever did before.

On the materialistic side of things, thank you to all that have sent a Christmas card or a gift. A more formal thank you will be on the way shortly but I am so blessed by all of you, and not just for what was sent.

I won't write too much more, so whenever this is read it isn't taking up too much time with your family. But a huge thank you and merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart. I am so blessed by all of you that love and support me and I am always looking for ways to pay it back.

Have a very merry Christmas, if I have pics I'll send them later but other than that I will talk to yall next week!

Much love

Elder Austin Smith
100 wood berry place
Apartment 1107
Decatur Georgia 30034


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