December 10, 2018


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Hayden Woodard

season 3, episode 5 (week 20)

Hello all! Another week gone by, I cannot believe it.

This week was pretty good, ups and downs as usual but mostly ups.

Also before I get into the week, if yall wanted a Christmas card from yours truly I have a bunch ready to go out so they will go out this week. If you didnt let me know that you wanted an unorthodox Christmas card feel free to let me know and to send me an address to send it to :-)


Monday-- pretty regular Pday, cleaning and shopping and sports and scrambling to get medical supplies from our disaster of an apartment complex. Also got to visit with Kingsley and Co and they are always a good time.

Tuesday-- Tuesday was actually pretty decent. We started with a re-weekly planning session to organize ourselves a little bit more and I think it worked wonders. Met with Marcus who works at our apartment complex and had a really awesome discussion. He was asking all of the right questions about our faith. So excited for him. Later we helped mama Mason decorate her house with Christmas lights and she bought us pizza and donuts<3

Wednesday-- Slower day forsure, but we went to rake Regina's yard and it took us like 3+ hours just to do the front. Filled lots of bag(se pics later). The rest of the day was a mess of visiting people, or a lack thereof... No one was home out of like 7 people, unreal. Bible study at the church was okay and then we started exchanges with twin oaks 1 again.

Thursday-- spent the night at Twin oaks 1 again but this time it was me and elder Ashford and Elder Kipping. If you've kept up with my emails, Elder Kipping has been around a few times, he was a zone leader back in the Cartersville zone and he also lived in the Hick house for a short time, so we are well acquainted. Lots of marta today, lots of talking to people on the street and there were even a few small altercations. We got into an argument with a homeless guy from Michigan that wanted 20 dollars and then we almost witnessed a stabbing on public transportation. What a wild time that was. Would be way too many words though, ask me about it in a personal email:,)

Friday-- gooood Friday, and no I did not become a catholic overnight haha. We were supposed to have President interviews and a district council, but then interviews got canceled just for us cause of something else, but then they happened anyway. Then we went to Sister Smiths to move another insane amount of leaves. Except this time I had a blower that looked like a rocket and we didn't have to bag it. After leaves I picked up my Christmas cards (thanks mom) and they are so interesting. Yall are in for an untraditional treat. Later we met with Makale and Ashanti, who were moving within our apartment complex and we sat and talked with them for a good while. They asked a lot of good questions and I think they will end up at church in the near future. In the evening we went caroling as a district and it was a lot of fun. All 9 of us went and the highlight was being passed by 3 cop cars that went and looped at the end of the road and on the way back out he warned us of "undesirables out here" and to be safe. Gotta love Atlanta.

Saturday-- Had a correlation meeting in the morning, and then the ward Christmas brunch. Food was pretty good even though we basically got the scraps cause we helped serve the food. The middle of the day was a bunch of nocking on doors that didn't open in the cold rain so that's never fun, but there was an 8 year old baptism in the evening that we helped set up for. Regina came and she enjoyed it a lot. We hit city Gear and found another steal on stuff there and then we went to visit a bunch of people. Pretty uneventful, but without too much detail I wish I had a large amount of expendable cash I could use to help people out. Some people really need it and it's hard to not be able to help them

Sunday-- today was wild and just kind of a mess. Had ward council which in my unprofessional opinion is a waste of our time, but we had high hopes for a lot of the people we teach to come to church and only Regina came, which isn't bad but it kinda stung since they all told us they were coming. Had an interesting shoe swap with the young men so they could pass in dress shoes. Made for a fly fit. Caroling got canceled after some time at home and then we drove around and tried to visit a bunch of people that didn't really want to be visited. Kinda rough but it's alright.

Overall a good week, I realized I forgot to do pics last week so I will double down this week.

I hope yall are having a very merry Christmas and that you are staying warm. It has been like 35 and rainy the last few days so I am feeling very much at home

This time of year is my favorite at home. It is a great time to reflect on the past year and to think about the year ahead. I am so so grateful for the last year and for everyone that has been a part of it, but I am especially greatful for this chance I have to serve a mission and to help bring some of the happiness I have into others lives. I wouldn't be who I am today without the gospel and without those that the gospel has introduced me to through the Church. I truly am blessed.

Also, if I still have anyones attention, go check out It is something we as missionaries tell lots of people about and have been seeking opportunities to participate in it. It is a great initiative and I know it will bless not only the lives of those you touch but also your own. The Lord blesses those who put others before themselves<3

Thank y'all for reading and we will catch you next week! Write soon!

With love

Elder Smith
100 wood berry place
Apartment 1107
Decatur Georgia 30034


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