December 3, 2018


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Hayden Woodard

Season 3, episode 4 (week 19)

Hello, or Merry Christmas! am I allowed to say that now that it's December?

Anyway, this week has been dream fulfilling. Pretty much just for one reason but it has been a pretty decent week.

Monday-- Pretty regular, emails, basketball, learning rugby( it's crazy by the way) and then we had dinner at the Hopkins and started exchanges with the Twin oaks 1 elders, so elder Ashford and I went up to their apartment with Elder Wihongi. Had a fun late night with them on Monday

Tuesday-- exchanges are such interesting days. After 5 hours of sleep (at the most), we had a regular morning of planning and a freezing cold shower thanks to the Spanish elders they share an apartment with, and then we got our day started. We had to pick up a MARTA card, so that we could take public transportation from about 12 to the end of the day. But first, we went to visit Paul, who requested a book of Mormon online. He was CRAZY, it was so funny. I won't share all of his quotes, but his opening line when he opened up the door was "wow, Im being invaded by tiny people" as he looked at our feet. that set the tone perfectly. We then dropped off a book of Mormon to a lady who was so normal it melted our hearts. Then the day gets funky with MARTA. If you didn't know already MARTA is Atlantas bus and train system that goes in and around the city. Similar to Chicago's Metra and bus system down town. First of all it was freezing cold today so I loved it but I wasn't prepared at all, but We took the bus a good ways to a single sisters house and she wasn't home, so we met a few of her neighbors, Carl and Quick, and talked with them for almost an hour just about the places we were from and almost everything else. Then we got deceived by the public transportation app twice trying to make our way across town to get to our Dinner appointment, and ended up just asking them for a ride. After dinner we got a ride to the train station and took that to a bigger station, ran amazing race style to catch our last bus that dropped us off at the church for our exchange review. Pretty wild day, MARTA can make you feel unproductive but I had a blast.

Wednesday-- WHACK day. Had a funky morning because we had Twin oaks 1 stay the night so that threw off my whole morning with just logistical stuff. Had a district council and it was pretty alright, and then we went home to plan and to study and get going for the day. Made a lot of phone calls today, in an attempt to clear out our lists a little bit. Went to teach a man named Harold, and honestly I've never had the heeby jeebies more in one house. It was so uncomfy. Almost no furniture, no attempt to turn on the heat. This younger guy living on his own and was almost acting child like as we talked to him. It was so scary, I don't think we are going back. Had a overly deep Bible study at the church with a few members, and then we had the Chance to give another ward member a Priesthood blessing. Then he bought us chick fil a for dinner because we hadn't eaten yet.

Thursday-- Dream fulfilling day today. Got up and weekly planned, which is always super boring, but then we went around the corner to my first real life, stereotypical hood barber shop. It was incredible. Hair cut was fine, he didn't really know how to cut straight hair but he gave me a "missionary discount" and we are going back this week to talk with another guy that works there that wants to "chop it up and talk about Jesus" . So that will be interesting. Then we had an afternoon filled with appointments, Travis bailed, but Fabulous called and we gave him a church tour. It was such a spiritual experience, I think he really enjoyed it. I know I did. Quanyavis had us over and he wants to get with us more and learn and hopefully take steps to improve his spiritual life. We thought we were gonna have to tell him that we cant come by anymore if he doesn't want to do what we invite him to do but he totally surprised us. Sandy bailed, but we caught Alicia at home! It was so good to see her. The rest of the night was a traveling dumpster fire of trying to visit people.

Friday-- New missionary training down in PeachTree City, so Elder Clawson and Elder Lindhardt from Conyers drove down with us. Fine meeting, kind of a repetition of zone conference but they fed us well afterwards. Napped on the way home, and the rest of the day was fine, studying, visiting a few people and starting to take Christmas card pics. They are so funny.

Saturday-- pretty full day, helped the food bank decorate their serving area for a few hours in the morning, and then got to help the Wilson's clean up their apartment from smoke that they had from the night before. Don't forget about groundbeef on the stove. Had a weird afternoon, may or may not have stole a broken road sign off the side of the road. Then we had dinner with the Bowlers and they drove us up to Sandy Springs for the Nativity celebration at the temple. Got to be a shepherd in the live nativity they had and then we met Regina! She is super awesome, more on her later. Had to Jimmy rig some pump supplies until today (Monday) because of a lack of planning on my part

Sunday-- pretty plain Sunday, Regina and Quanyavis came to church, which was awesome. It was fast and testimony meeting so I capitalized on my Chance and talked about service, and then we had a correlation meeting 2nd hour with the ward mission leaders. After church, Regina gave us a small Christmas tree and some cookies and it made my whole day, so nice of her. Went to make a few visits and got some return teaching appointments for next Sunday, so that is always exciting. Cooked up a fire dinner and then we went to the church to practice our Facebook live event. Kinda painfully awk but we got through it, hopefully it wasn't too bad if any of yall watched it. Afterwards we watched the Christmas Devotional and went home and that was pretty much everything noteworthy.

the weather in Georgia is so bipolar. It was like 35 on Tuesday and it hit 75 yesterday. There's no patterns, no consistency, nothing😭😂 so frustrating sometimes.

Also let me know if you want my very own personal Christmas card, I'm In the process of making one now, will send out relatively soon. It will definitely be refrigerator worthy

I don't think I have too much more to report on! I will send pics later this afternoon and that is pretty much all I have.

Have a great and safe week, and I will see yall soon!

thanks for the love and support<3 it's always appreciated

Elder Smith


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