November 26, 2018


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Hayden Woodard

Season 3, episode 3 (Week 18)

What's going on yall

Another week gone by out here in Twin Oaks. can't believe it.

In all honesty I had pretty low expectations for this week, just because of the holidays and what not but it actually turned out pretty fun so well get into it

Monday-- pretty regular Pday, cleaning, shopping, hooping. Monday night we got to teach Kingsley and his brothers again about the plan of salvation and they are a funny bunch, but pretty smart too. Always a good time.

Tuesday-- Tuesday was whack honestly, super weird morning. Just really low energy, couldn't tell yall why. We got to do some service which is always good. Later we went to Kroger to use their WIfi so we could do a mission survey, and while we were there we had a hit and run. We were walking around the milk section and this lady on the electric shopping cart pointed at me/my book of mormon and basically zoomed right past me and was like "I want that," so obviously I gave it to her and she just zoomed off. It was wild. Later we went tracting, and There's been a 2 hour tracting challenge going around the mission Facebook page, and I got challenged so we set out to do that after Kroger, but we were only out about 30 min before my bladder was about to burst because of an ill advised Arizona drink and also the juju was bad in that neighborhood so that didn't go super well.

Wednesday-- Exchanges with the Zone leaders today. So Elder Hyde and I took to the streets together once again. Elder Hyde used to be a traveling trainer but now he's a ZL so it was fun to work with him again. We had a decent district council, and then we left from the church on bikes to chick fil a to get lunch(mostly Peppermint chocolate chip shakes). We then went to one of the most hood apartment complexes I've ever been to. So much going on. Some like 8 year old kids were yelling at a group of older kids, calling them expletives and saying "you don't want no smoke." it was crazy. We then asked them if they had beef with them and they about lost their minds that the white boys on bikes with books and helmets on asked a cultured question like that. The afternoon was a lot of knocking, and we met a few cool people that we should get to teach this week so thats super exciting. We did a lot of biking, about 12 or 13 mile total and we did 6 straight at one point just for Alicia to have the FLU and not able to meet with us. But miracle time, as we were leaving the neighborhood we heard a noise, and by noise I mean an ice cream truck jingle. Yup, at 7pm, in the cold, dark, Georgia night we heard an ice cream truck. So you bet your bottom dollar I flagged that thing down, I needed a spiritual lift. well it turns out this ghetto, pink truck had all sorts of food, and I walked away with a 6pc chicken wing basket and the driver drove away with 5 of my dollars and a book of Mormon. Awesome end to the day. Exchanges always seem to be a good time.

Thursday-- pretty slow day, as expected. I was exhausted from biking so the morning was slow, but we got to play some football with some ward members and it was pretty fun. Made gimpy real sore. Then we went over to the church to help the Potts set up our feast. Homesickness and the oddity of not being around friends and family really set in there. We had a great meal, and lots of good laughs, but it was super weird. After one meal, we set out for Mama Masons and she had prepared another meal for us even though we told her not too, so we got to stuff ourselves almost to the point of nausea to avoid offending Mama Mason. What a blessing. After that was pretty uneventful.

Friday-- Weekly planning days are the SLOWEST. We did that for a while, and then we went to visit a lady named Sheikinah, who is very particular on how he named is pronounced. But she was eager to learn and I am excited to see how things turn out with her. Later we went back to that City Gear store for their next round of door busters and boy oh boy did your favorite Elder come away with a steal. 72 dollar sweatshirt? Try 18.88. Splash. Met a few people at the Publix later and then had leftovers for dinner. Got to call Laurie again and it is alwasys so good to talk to her.

Saturday-- felt like a lazy day but it actually wasn't. Did a comp study, and then got to go help a lady move into the ward up in Decatur. After, we hit the Kroger to get some leaf bags and we took to the streets with rakes in hand determined to do physical labor. It took us a bit, but we finally found a house that let us rake their yard. We filled 15, 30 gallon trash bags and it was a blast. These people were so confused at why we were doing what we were doing, it was so fun explaining to them multiple times that it was free and that we could even come back and do it again for free.

Sunday-- Sunday we got a demanding call for a ride to church while driving to church from a less active member, so Elder Potts and Elder Ashford went to go get him so that was a funny experience. After church we decided to walk to Alicias to save on our monthly miles. So during the 2.5 mile trek there we met Travis and Antonio, and they both were appreciative that we stopped them and antonio may even come play basketball with us today. Alicia had the flue again and wasn't able to meet so hopefully she can meet again soon. The 2.5 mile walk back was less eventful other than my feet starting to get sore and my sugar going low haha. We had dinner at the Wilson's with all 7 full time missionaries and it was delish. I was full from 6pm til this morning.

Today should be pretty regular, cleaning and shopping and emails and basketball/Elder Wihongi is going to teach us how to play tough rugby. He's from New Zealand so he is qualified.

Also there's a lady in the ward who keeps calling me Carrie Grant I think? Some older actor, so if anyone can verify if A. I actually look like him and B. If it's a compliment that would be wonderful. Sister Potts said it's very much a compliment but I havent seen a picture to verify

I'm thinking of making a Christmas card from me or me and the elders I'm with so if you'd want one of those let me know so I can get a rough estimate on how many to order. You won't want to miss these limited edition Christmas cards.

Last week I forgot to share what Im thankful for for Thanksgiving, but I'm incredibly thankful for this chance I have to serve the Lord and to serve the people of Atlanta. I am learning so much about the Gospel and about people and about service and about myself, and I know I couldn't learn all of this at this rate anywhere else. This is where I'm supposed to be right now and I wouldnt trade this for the world. I'm also thankful for my loving and supporting family and friends. Not every missionary has full support from their family, let alone a whole big group of friends and other family members. So I am thankful for those of you that have written me or emailed me or even read these emails, it makes a young man feel like he's doing an alright job:,)

I'm excited for the week ahead,. We have quite a few teaching appointments scheduled and it's already December this Saturday. That is nuts. But we are determined to do lots of teaching and service and hopefully commit some people to baptism, that would be great.

I think that's all I got this week! Sorry again it was a bit longer, but I felt the stories were worth sharing. I should actually have a good amount of pics this week so those will be on there way soon.

Have a great week! be safe, stay warm and write your favorite Elder Smith a letter if you get a chance<3

Love yall!

Elder Smith
100 Woodberry place
Apartment 1107
Decatur, GA 30034


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