November 19, 2018


Twin Oaks Ward - Decatur


Elder Hayden Woodard

Season 3, episode 2 (Week 17)

What is going on yall?! this feels like one of the fastest weeks I've had yet, I cannot believe that it is Monday again!

I thought it was going to get cold for good down here but then it got back up to like 65 after a day or two in the 30s and 40s so that was pretty lame

The week:

Monday-- played some basketball and some chair soccer and wrote emails for a lot of the day. Visited Mama Mason, who is sweet sweet older lady in the ward, and sang for her bday and had some treats and then that was pretty much it

Tuesday-- Had Zone Conference today and really enjoyed it. (Stead if you're reading this it was weird not seeing you there :,( ) then we had a regular afternoon, and in the evening we walked to Publix to make some calls and we had an employee ask us about "that book we were carrying," and a guy on the way home stopped to talk to us and we had a nice conversation at the mailbox on our way back in, so it was super cool to have so many people wanting and willing to talk to us about what we do and share. I then got to call and talk to Laurie from Stilesboro and see how she was doing, basically made my week.

Wednesday: pretty average morning, and then we went to a food bank to volunteer for a few hours. It was a mobile one, so people would just drive there cars through a line and people load up their cars with whatever they want from the line. Really awesome experience.

Thursday-- Another weekly planning day, boring. Knocked bunch of doors that didn't open today which is slightly predictable. Then in the evening we helped with an event at the church building called Teacher Appreciation night, where the youth of the twin oaks ward invite their favorite teacher and they have like a banquet dinner, so all 9 twin oaks missionaries plus two from the dunwoody ward were the servers! It was a pretty cool experience, very organized and orchestrated and proper, but a very nice evening.

Friday-- we were absolutely exhausted today so we played it a little bit slower. We had a district call in the morning, and then we made our way to the library for Elder Ashfords online training and Elder Woodard and I did some family history. Who would've guessed that Pocahontas(Yes, the Pocahontas) was my 13th great grandmother?? Certainly not me but shout out to genetics. We hit chick fil a after and then a cool store called city gear. Later we found a uhaul in our apartment parking lot and we asked if we could help and they said yes! Thats only exciting because we've asked like 5 uhauls in the past week if we could help and they all said no. After we went to visit Alicia and she was home! We taught her about the power and importance of prayer and how it can bless her life, it was a great visit.

Saturday-- So I mentioned everything smells like weed last week, usually our little gym at the apartment. Well we got there Saturday morning and there was a man SLEEPING on the floor at the gym. Just cashed out in the corner. We dont know if he was the one smoking but we assumed so and it was hilarious. We didn't stay to find out what happened when he woke up. Then we helped Bro Yancey clear out his families cemetery by chopping down trees and stuff. Enormous pine trees. Afterwards we stopped by a few peoples homes to talk with them about the Book of Mormon, and then we went to rake the yard of a family we hadn't met yet. We only had two rakes so I was left loading up all of the leaves into bags by hand (RIP my back between the chopping and the hand raking). They loved it and we got to know them a little bit more.

Sunday-- Pretty uneventful day at church. Then we went to visit some people that weren't home (anyone see a pattern?) but then we had a wonderful dinner at the Wilson's, they are so good to us. The last thing we did was have a lesson with Dems about the plan of Salvation again and it was so good. He has so many good questions and the spirit was really there as we taught and answered questions.

Some other fun things:

I saw a lifted Toyota camry with some huge rims, but this was the meanest camry I have ever seen. I wish I got a picture before it drove off. Only in Atlanta I swear

It's Thanksgiving this week and I think that is going to be a weird time. First major holiday in the mission field. Safe to say yall will be missed mucho that day:,)

I think that is all I got today! We will be doing the usual shopping and emailing and basketball today I think so nothing too crazy. I'm excited for another week of adventures and cold weather. pics will come soon

Have a great week! Love and miss y'all

Elder Smith
100 Woodberry place
Apartment 1107
Decatur, GA 30034


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