November 6, 2018


1st area - Stilesboro Ward - Dallas, GA


Elder Skyler Garrett

Season 2, episode 6 Plot twist season finale (week 15)

Hello all! What a fast week once again. It is now November and time will not slow down!

Monday-- Finally got to play some basketball, so that was a wonderful time. Had a fun dinner with members and got to carve some pumpkins

Tuesday-- Had district council and the zone leaders came. was on exchanges with the Cedar-crest elders so me and Elder Braun got to work in Stilesboro. Had lunch with Butler Creek and followed up with potentials on the north end of our area, not much came from it but it was good to clear some names off of lists. Had a fun Taco Tuesday with the Stringhams and that was pretty much it.

Wednesday-- Got to drive for like 45 min to go get some blood work done, so that's always fun. Visited with Laurie, almost started to knock doors but it just didn't feel right on Halloween. Made a few calls and got dinner, and then Butler Creek came over for a fire and sleepover because we had to be in early on Halloween. Had a sweet fire though.

Thursday-- Thursday was pretty slow. Had a regular morning, and then an appointment canceled pretty last minute. Then we knocked a good amount of doors and had some lunch. Door knocking didnt bring much, but we did have some good conversations and got to hand out a Book of Mormon or two. Had a more formal appointment with Laurie and it went really well. I know she is coming so much closer to Christ and it is so much fun to watch her grow spiritually and to grow along with her!

Friday- Good day of exchanges again. Thursday night we drove up to Cartersville so we could go on exchanges with the Zone leaders, Elders Kipping and Kendrick. Elder Kipping lived at the hick house at the end of last transfer so it was cool to serve with him again Friday. We had a full day, lots of door knocking. We had a lot of really cool conversations and lots of people were interested in learning more and having further discussions, which is wonderful! Taught a final lesson to a sister who got baptized on Saturday, she was so excited, she had a strong spirit around her.

Saturday-- Saturday was a great day, we went to a Christmas market that Laurie's daughter organizes for her sons school. it was a good environment. read with Laurie after and then we weekly planned, knocked for a good while, and then Laurie had us over for pizza today. Lots of Laurie today. Saturday we also got transfer news, and i am very very sad to announce that i will be leaving the stilesboro ward and area and moving somewhere else. i do not know where yet, but Elder Garrett will hold down the fort and continue living in the beloved hick house.

Sunday-- It was like saying bye to the Wheaton ward all over again. I have loved this area and everyone in it. They set the bar high. Laurie is pretty upset that i am leaving. but after church we had a good dinner, sweet miss Gail canceled on us, and then we met with Laurie to read and talk about when i am leaving. Had a big ol fire last night with Butler creek and Cedar-crest so that is always fun.

Overall a good week. I really am super sad i have to leave this area. It has felt like home since the first Sunday and i hope and pray that i get another chance to serve in the Stilesboro ward.

with that being said, I'm excited for the chance to go to a new area and to love the people there and to have another new companion. I have learned lots about people and especially my self while having so many new companions.

Today will be pretty lowkey, emailing, packing, a trip to the waffle house, pretty regular.

if you were planning on sending mail anytime soon (literally no pressure) wait about a week so i can get y'all my updated address. You can send things to oak hills dr, but after Wednesday i will not be there to pick it up. So if Elder Garrett or Baca or Braun are on your mind, go ahead😂 but until then i will get y'all my updated address next Monday.

I love and appreciate y'all always! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween and are ready for the cold, i know i am. I love the work i am doing and the experiences and growth i am having! Lots of lessons learned so far that I couldn't learn anywhere else.

have a great week! see y'all soon!

Elder Smith


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