October 29, 2018


1st area - Stilesboro Ward - Dallas, GA


Elder Skyler Garrett

Season 2, episode 5 (week 14)

Hey yall!

What a short week! Went by so fast, it's kind of unfair honestly. But great little short week, I'll hop right in

Tuesday-- really fun Pday. Spent the day cleaning the backyard and by cleaning I mean burning sticks and vines and making our fire pit areas nice and usable. Did the usual emails and then continued working on the yard. Then we purged our contacts list trying to see who is really interested in learning more and who is not, so our list of people is shrinking at a rapid rate.

Wednesday-- Woke up exhausted, but got a call from a Ward families neighbor, who needed help getting her winter clothes out of her storage unit. It took two (very messy) storage units and a good while of reorganizing but we got them out for her. Tried to visit some potentials and the Mills had us for dinner. Pretty regular day, nothing too crazy.

Thursday-- really simple day. Did service for a sister in the Cedarcrest ward for a few hours, ate, studies, visited Laurie and read with her, dinner, went to follow up with some people that had met with missionaries in the past and then hit the Kroger for a thing or two.

Friday-- up and down day kind of. Found out that one of the Older age Elders passed away Friday morning, so that kind of took the wind out of our sails. I didn't know this Elder super well but he and his wife were always bright and smiling faces and an eager handshake. Had an appointment cancel, knock doors in the rain, and had a rough weekly planning session again. Then things picked up, we had dinner with a member and an appointment with Ms Gail with Brother Mills. Such a great lesson, so many laughs while teaching the word of Wisdom. Which for you non Mormons out there, is the reason we don't drink coffee or tea or anything like that. But such a fun time. Then we got a downer again because Laurie said she was putting down Bella Saturday so a bit of a Rollercoaster day.

Saturday-- Helped a couple that just got back from the Ukraine temple mission move back in. Took like 4 hours. a man named Vladimir canceled on us for a second time and then we visited a sad Laurie cause Bella got buried. Set up trunk or treat at the church and got put in charge of directing parking and what a nightmare, I got so heated. I'll stop before I start but it was horrible. Trunk or treat was fun, we weren't allowed to dress up so I put on my glasses and was a sneaky Clark Kent.

Sunday-- Laurie came to church today but was still really sad about Bella. Primary program was today so that is always awesome. Lunch at the Hansons and Sister Hansons father was companions with a 9x world champion arm wrestler. Heavy weight. Both arms. Pretty wild story. Got to go to Sister Walshs farewell/open house too! Bree has been a great friend here and at Utah state and she is off to Brazil this week! Vladimir canceled for a third time tonight and by cancel I mean he just wasn't home when we got there. Met with an older gentleman named Anderson who is actually very old and I think he just wants friends. He called us like 3 times on Sunday alone so I'm not sure what we'll do with him but it was nice to stop in I guess. Had a crappy fire experience tonight (no fire) and that was basically it.

Today I finally get to play some basketball!! I am SO very excited so we are going in a few hours to hoop for most of the day.

I hope you all have happy Halloween! Be safe and feel free to send your favorite elder any candy you may not want:,)

I find out on Saturday if I will be staying the Stilesboro ward for the next 6 weeks or if I will be staying! Pretty excited either way. Crazy that I have been out for over 3 months!

Christmas music is still appreciated! Carrie Underwood and frank Sinatra sound especially nice

I am so happy to be in Georgia and I am so happy to share the message we share! I know it has been a huge blessing in my life and I know it would be in anyone else's as well.

have a great week and I will see yall soon!! Pics to come later I think

Elder Smith
412 oak hills Dr
Dallas, GA 30132

1. We were in an elevated, very rich neighborhood so I stopped for a Pic
2. Sister Walsh ready for Brazil!
3. Elder Garrett and I posing for our contact picture in Laurie's phone
4. Elder Garrett and I after seeing Elder Bednar last week


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